Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet Liv

My sweet Liv just lost her first top tooth (bottom two have been gone for a couple of months, after we realized that she had shark teeth growing in behind them!). She is already almost 7 years old, which is so hard to believe. There are so many great things about my Olivia, and her nickname "Sweet Liv" fits her well because not only does she have a sweet tooth like mine, she loves to help people in any way she can.
Sometimes Liv and I like to dress alike. Just yesterday when we were talking about families we know with twins, Coleman said, "We have twins in our family, because Mommy and Olivia like to look the same."

Olivia likes to help around the house, well, she usually likes to help around the house. She puts her clothes away, but sometimes gets sidetracked figuring our which outfits go together. She's really good at putting silverware away and helping with dinner and the dishes. She and Coleman were talking about what it would be like when they were older and married. They decided that Olivia and Coleman's wife would make food and do dishes while Coleman and Olivia's husband played on the Wii or Playstation. I tried to let them know that the girls could play too while the men worked, but Olivia was insistent that she would be happier working in the kitchen, because video games are "you know, boring." I couldn't agree more! That said though, Olivia is really good at most of the video games she does play. Liv is a really good friend to all those around her and is always looking out for people that might need extra help. She listened to Elder Ballard's talk with me again and since then has been intent on saying thank you for any little thing I do for her. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and loves to share it during our Family Home Evening. She loves to help take care of younger kids and plays really well with her brother. Last summer when she cut all her hair off, she donated it to Locks of Love, which was a really cool thing to do. For these and so many other reasons, I'm so glad that Liv is mine!

**Additional thoughts: since when do 6 year olds have crushes and boyfriends? She brought home a note from school today from Cade's friend which said "Cade has a crush on you, do you have a crush on him?" and last month had a note from Ethan which said "Olivia, I love you SOOOOO much." Now she's faced with a monumental decision--Cade or Ethan? Goodness!


Jessica said...

That's so sweet of her with the locks of love hair donation! Such a sweet, generous girl! How short did she go? I'd love to see the pics of her haircut!

HarperHappenings said...

Liv...Congrats on your tooth! You showed us a couple of weeks ago that it was loose :) Did you put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy? You're right, Liv is a sweetheart! Thanks for posting the cute pics of Liv. Sam always gets super excited to see pictures of his cousins!!

Sally said...

She sounds like she'd be great company for either of my girls.
By the way, I tag thee. Look at my blog for details. :)

Janene said...

I vote Ethan. His note sounded SOOOOOOOO sincere! :o)