Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

At our house we love Halloween. We love candy (candy, candy, candy!), we love dressing up, we love fall decorations, we love trick-or-treating, we love frosting sugar cookies, we love school parties, we love making caramel apples and giving them to our loved ones, and we even love eating jack-o-lantern pizza each year. Ryan's dad took him on a Master Photography tour in Egypt last spring and Ryan's assignment from me was to find us some cool Egyptian costumes--he did well! Olivia and Coleman have been "walking like an Egyptian" all week to get ready--as if they have any idea what they missed in the 80s. Coleman also adopted a wicked laugh--"anh, anh, anh, ahhhh"--that he claims he picked up from all the evil witches he's seen. Those Disney channel shows fill their heads with such crazy ideas!

As tradition at our house goes, Ryan took the kids trick-or-treating and I stuck around to give candy to the neighborhood kiddoes. Some people thought Ryan and the kids were wise men, and one guy asked if I was a Lamanite. Hmmm, maybe we should have walked like Egyptians too. At least we knew what we were :). We had a pretty slow night tonight, and even though some of the cuties picked up the candy by the handful, we still have a cauldron full of treats, so I'm glad I stuck with my time-honored tradition of buying candy that we like to eat too. We'll eat a piece here and there for weeks, until I'm sick of looking at it, and I'll dump it all into the trash. Better start thinking of how we can dress up in 2008. Any ideas??? Hope your Halloween was great!

Finally--we join the world of blogging!

I have loved reading so many blogs from our friends and family.... I've wanted to start one for our little family for a long time, but the hold up was trying to decide on an appropriate name. So many of you are creative and funny and insightful and I was stumped. Instead of waiting until I had a flash of inspiration (which may never come!) we settled for "Harper Hoorahs" and when you visit our blog, we hope you will think of reasons to say "hoorah" or "woo hoo" or any other celebratory words to express your love for life and all that goes with it.