Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clogging at the Mall

Olivia wanted to try out clogging when an opportunity arose to take a class with her good friends. Although we aren't sure it will be a long term interest, she has enjoyed it for these last few months.

Liv is on the second from the left on the front row.

I am pretty impressed with how much they have learned in just a few short months.

Liv and her friend Anna... so happy to do something fun together!

Christmas Recitals 2011

Last weekend we got to attend piano recitals for Olivia and Coleman. They both worked hard on their songs...

Olivia played "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" out of the hymnbook. We sang along for the first verse and she embellished the song a bit the second time through.

Coleman played a duet with Ryan--"Up On The Housetop"

Coleman also played "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" (and we all sang along... I'm pretty sure my voice is way too loud on this recording... so I apologize to the few of you that will actually press play and watch/listen).

 We were so glad that Grandpa Gee Gee and Grandma Jan could come. They have always been so supportive of the kids' piano endeavors!

 Sophia enjoyed the refreshments after both of the recitals!

Getting a picture with all of the children looking and smiling is proving to be difficult. Oh well.

Coleman loves that two of his good friends were involved with the recital. We all love that all of the kids in both recitals are (or were) in our ward. It's so fun to see our friends and neighbors progress in their  musical talents.

We are especially grateful for two great piano teachers and for children that are willing to practice almost every day (even if there are occasional tears and complaints!). We love piano!