Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Genius of Coleman

Several weeks ago my friend's photographer sister Alisia Packard borrowed Coleman for a photography shoot she was working on. One of the benefits was that she gave us a CD with a couple of great headshots of Coleman (they are her specialty).

Coleman keeps us laughing with his antics and ideas. I would give a lot of money to see how his mind works. Some of the funny things in the last few weeks:

"Mom, we have got a problem. Just look at his shoes. That cannot be Santa Claus. Santa Claus wears boots all of the time, and just look at those shoes. That cannot be Santa." This was said at our ward Christmas party when one of Santa's helpers (wearing black penny loafers) came to meet the children. I tried to explain that maybe he didn't have boots because there wasn't any snow. Coleman was sure that Santa ALWAYS wears boots, even when there wasn't snow. I tried to explain that it was probably a helper because Santa was busy at this time of year, yet he was still concerned because he was positive that even Santa's helpers always wore boots. These concerns did not stop him from telling this Santa that he had been a good boy (after looking to me for the approving nod) and that he really wanted legos for Christmas.

"The wisemen brought gold, Frankenstein, and frankincense.... I mean frankincense and myrrh."

Coleman was humming the song "Spoonful of Sugar" and then the chorus came on and he belted out, ""A spoonful of sugar helps the evidence go down... the evidence go down..." After we stopped laughing we asked him if those were the right words, he was sure they were... then he said, "Or is it medicine?" and tried singing it that way. I asked which one sounded better, and he was confident that "evidence" sounded way better, so that's the way it stood.

"Heavenly Father, please bless my mommy not to be so mean..." In my defense, I haven't been feeling good for over a week and he had been crawling all over me. I am sure I barked at him when I told him it was time to say his prayers and go to sleep. Talk about a wake up call and a strong reminder that I really can be an instrument to answer prayers. We had a little chat and he said that I always make him do tricky things. I guess I'll have to work on that!

During our Christmas Eve celebration he created a "ride" for us to go on... complete with instructions ("Keep your arms and legs in the car, oh, and your heads") and real-time descriptions of what the ride was doing. After going straight up, straight down, and being splashed with water (my sister Lindsey was actually thrown into the water!) he told us, "And the ride is only 10 more minutes long." We were in stitches.

Today Ryan took the kids outside to build a snow fort and told him it might be tricky. Coleman's response: "Good. I like tricky. I like doing hard things." Why does he like hard things with Dad, but with me it makes him implore Heavenly Father to get a nicer mommy?

I love this boy!


RyanH said...

I like tricky too :)

Janene said...

He suddenly looks so grown up in these pictures! Fun quotes, too. :o) I'm going to remember the evidence next time I hear the Mary Poppins song!