Friday, April 30, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Coleman just participated in a fun kindergarten program where they sang patriotic songs and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Poor Coleman was yawning through the whole program, and I kept thinking, "Who is that boys mother, and why doesn't she let her son get more sleep?!?"
But he did a great job singing and doing hand actions anyway, even though he looked so, so tired.
His cute teacher Mrs. Walker has been at our school for so many years that some of the kids in her class have parents that were her students. Coleman loves her!
Sophia slept through the whole thing (which is why she is in her car seat... I usually don't like to carry that bucket around, but I couldn't bring myself to wake her up to get her out and put her in the sling, which I am still getting used to maneuvering).

On the way home we told Coleman we wanted to take him to get a treat--he said that he would pick something and save it for later because he felt sick! No wonder he was yawning! He slept the afternoon away and was all better the next morning.

I'm so proud of Coleman! He's done great this year in kindergarten and loves learning.


The Cole Family D+K=D said...

Cute Coleman! He looks so handsome on that first picture!!

Rockelle said...

so cute... the Way. I am glad to be on your mailing list your baby announcement was beautiful She is beautiful You are lucky to have such a talented photographer in house!