Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring 2010 Piano Recital

Olivia had a piano recital on May 22nd and she did a great job performing two songs that she worked so hard on and memorized.

My mom came down and played the violin with her on one of the songs.
Ryan's grandma and grandpa were there too... they are long-time supporters of Olivia's piano progress.
We were so glad to see Olivia's hard work pay off!

She played "Quasi Adagio" with my mom on the violin:

She also memorized "Spinning Song" which was a tricky piece to play and memorize. Ryan's grandma told me that it has been played in our family for generations... her father played it, she played it, Ryan's mom, and Ryan played it too... so that's at least five generations of playing this song:

Way to go Liv, we are proud of you!


The Cole Family D+K=D said...

Cool videos!! I loved them! :) good job Liv!!!
I like the video of the "Spinning Song"... the little girl in the back seems to REALLY enjoy it! hehehehe :) cute!

Kristi said...

Way to go, Olivia! What a talented little girl. I love that your mom played a part, too. What a neat thing.

Heather said...

That is so very impressive. I have wanted my seven year old to start taking but no one is teaching it down here. Makes me very sad. How old is Olivia and how long as she taken? How often does she go and for how long and how much to you pay a month? I am almost to the point of moving back to the city just so I can feel alive again and let my kids have a chance at developing their talents. I am so jealous Olivia for I hope to be able to play the piano one day as well. Good job.