Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy birthday Chancy Pants


Happy birthday, little man! Today you would have turned eight years old. Even though you have been gone for five years we still miss you so much. I wonder what your personality would be like now... no doubt you would be inquisitive and happy and make everyone smile. I wonder what subjects you would like in school and what sports you might like to play. I wonder what music you would like to listen to and if the "Sound of Music" would still be your favorite show. I wonder if you would still love Spiderman and would still like to ride on the back of your mama's chair as she rolls down the street. We talk about you all the time and feel blessed to have had you in our family.  We love you!



Kristi said...

What bitter/sweet days your cute family has had lately. Wow. I think it is so neat that just because these sweet spirits aren't with you any more, you still talk about them a lot. Thinking of your family!

Linn said...

What hard days for your families. Your letters were beautiful. What a sweet way to remember.