Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Olivia got to participate in a Mountain Man Rendezvous at school today. Their whole fourth grade has been learning about Mountain Men and they have been earning beaver pelts (for attendance, good behavior, turning in homework, etc.) to use for admission and trading at the trading post today. They also were able to bring their own handmade crafts and other items to trade and sell. All month long Olivia has been dreaming of things to work on and then doing it. We were glad to have a day off from school earlier this week (snow make-up day? what's up with that?) so we could complete all of her Rendezvous projects.  She made flower clips, party decorations, a BYU banner, bracelets, necklaces, and a few magnet sets.  Trading was successful today... she came home with all sorts of knick knacks and jewelry and other things that we need to find a home for :). I loved that she was thoughtful and picked things out for me and for Coleman.  Before the Trading Post they got to participate in several different activities like panning for gold, face painting, hunting (shooting rubber bands at pictures of animals), leather work, beads, and something called an atl atl (sp ?). They even had a modern day mountain man (Olivia said he had a goatee :)) come and speak to them.

I love the fun learning activities our school provides. It was so neat to see Olivia work so hard toward a goal and reap the rewards.