Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break Day 5

On our last day of spring break we had a family picnic at Creekside Park!

My mom came for a bit and helped set up and cook. She is great!

Megan, Jaxton and Lindsey

Ryan was our grill guy... making sure the raw hamburger juices didn't get on the hot dogs. We ate completos. Yummy!

Sophia and my dad who was in town for my grandma's 80th birthday celebration (more to come on that later!).

This plaque is hanging up in the pavilion... Breneman Barr Bitner is one of my ancestors (great, great grandfather?) and his family donated or sold the land to the city where the park is now. Pretty cool!

The kids loved this round thing.... I'm not even sure what to call it.

Jonah and Brady had so much fun together!

The kids kept asking us to push them... my dad gave it a go several times (it was tiring work!).

Sophia LOVED the slides. She has found a new favorite thing to do!

We played a rousing game of kick-ball... David (with Katty and David Joseph) wanted to play dodgeball... but we stuck with kick-ball. It was very fun!

David had flip flops so he tried playing barefoot... the ball left an impression in his foot where he kicked it!

We didn't go out of town for spring break... and we didn't have perfect weather all week, but we managed to do some fun things during the week, especially with my dad and Lindsey visiting... now to get back on schedule and back in school!