Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handcart Trek--Fourth Grade Edition

Yesterday Olivia's fourth grade participated in the best activity of the year.

They dressed up as pioneers (Olivia chose her clothes and was convinced that this sweater was "in-style" back then... good thing we had the bonnet to make it a little more official, no?)...

...and got arranged into families...

...and pulled a handcart through the neighborhood. They crossed a stream en-route and stopped for lunch (beef-stew, which was reportedly not that tasty--but "it was food" so they ate it--and dutch oven desserts) and then participated in pioneer games and work-activities before trekking back to the school.

She even had to walk part of the way on crutches. All of the students (and parents) love this activity. So much time goes into preparing for it and it really paid off. Children learn by doing, and I love that Liv was able to learn more about our history and heritage by pulling a cart and playing the part for a day.