Monday, September 12, 2011

Being Eight is Great!

This handsome boy turned eight today! He said all day long how he was "so spoiled, but the good kind" and when I asked him why he felt spoiled he said, "You know, all the presents, all the love..." I love this kid!

Last weekend we took him with two of his buddies to Trafalga to celebrate and they had a great time!

Today he got his very own set of scriptures, some cool new stuff for Scouts which he gets to start on Wednesday, and an awesome Star Wars retro lunch box.

Olivia made him a wallet and gave him a book too!

I loved this expression on his face when he opened his gift from Ryan's parents. He is so enthusiastic and happy and grateful for things that people do for him.

We let the kids choose their birthday breakfast and dinner. For breakfast we had colored pancakes (we put different colors of pancake batter in squirt bottles and draw pictures or write words with the batter... it's pretty labor intensive, but the kids love it). For dinner he wanted a variation on his all-time favorite (homemade mac and cheese) that he thinks is as gourmet as it comes. We had cheese fondue... cheese sauce and lots of dippers--carrots, celery, noodles, crusty french bread, steamed broccoli, and the best of all HOT DOGS! So glad we could eat something healthy from all of the food groups :). The kids loved it though, and felt very fancy dipping their food in their own little dishes of cheese sauce with a fondue fork.

He had visits from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Gee Gee (but we didn't grab a picture, darn it!) and from Grandma and Grandpa Stover, calls from the other grandparents and lots of his aunts, and fun cards and gifts in the mail. People were good to this good boy. I am so grateful he came to our family eight years ago!


Linn said...

Happy Birthday to that darling boy! He is so happy and bright and grateful--love it.

Kristi said...

What a sweet boy! He certainly deserves all the good kind of spoils. What a great birthday!!

Amy said...

what a great kid!

Janene said...

I swear, you guys always throw the best parties!