Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clogging at the Mall

Olivia wanted to try out clogging when an opportunity arose to take a class with her good friends. Although we aren't sure it will be a long term interest, she has enjoyed it for these last few months.

Liv is on the second from the left on the front row.

I am pretty impressed with how much they have learned in just a few short months.

Liv and her friend Anna... so happy to do something fun together!


Linn said...

Loved the clogging and the piano recitals! And LOVE the new header. What a darling picture!

Husker fans in Utah said...

All my girls clog, Ben's mom teaches here in Parowan. Its a big deal here. So fun for her. Hope you have a Merry Christmas-

Janene said...

clogging rocks! I think I only learned a little bit at school one year.

Your Christmas card was darling, Lisa! AND can't wait to hear what you're thinking of your Michael Pollan, I am absolutely engrossed in the one I'm reading. :o)