Monday, February 27, 2012

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

My friend Jodi invited me to go with her to the taping of the "oddly informative news quiz show" from NPR "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" when they were here in SLC.  Are you a listener? I've been listening to the podcasts for several months now, and it is hilarious--and as self-described, oddly informative.

It was held at Abravanel Hall, and it was lovely.

It was such a fun night... lots of laughs and good conversation.

Listener beware: They are equal opportunity mockers and some may be offended by some of their banter.


Linn said...

I love Wait, Wait... and actually listened to a part of this one. There have been times I've had to turn it off, but on the whole, it is just funny and like you said, oddly informative. So fun that you got to go to a taping!

Amy said...

so fun that you got to go to wait, wait...(although I definitely wouldn't let my mom listen to it.:))

Fame said...

now i'm curious! i'll have to check it out