Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

There are a few new baby boys expected in our neighborhood, so I helped with a couple of fun showers.

The first was for my friend who is having twin boys! We had a cute OWL theme.

I have loved making these party banners. The orange and blue and green looked so cute together! My talented friend made the adorable knit owl hat that I stuck on my new wreath (made in the same fashion as the Christmas tree and the red heart I posted about... those two projects really stemmed from a beautiful white wreath I saw on a blog awhile back... it all finally came full circle when I made the original white wreath).  We served a variety of treats and snacks.

My favorite treat of the night were these sweet owl cookies. I used a cake mix cookie recipe (and added a bit of extra flour so they would roll out a little easier) and a tulip cookie cutter. We frosted them with an Andes mint (put on right after they come out of the oven and spread around when melted) and then some chocolate butter cream frosting for the eyes along with two white chocolate melting discs, another dollop of blue frosting, and some mini chocolate chips. The noses were orange M&Ms cut in half. Aren't they adorable?

A few weeks later there was another shower... this time with a cute sock monkey theme. I helped with the invitations and a few of the decorations.

Another party banner...

...and the return of the white wreath, this time with a cute bow and a sock monkey at the base. The hostesses of this shower served monkey bread and banana parfaits, which were delicious!

I keep joking that I am going to open a party planning business, which I would entirely love, except for the business part of it :). 


Benjamin Gerritsen said...

Lisa you are so talented!! I just love looking at your posts!!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Lisa you totally should open a business!! you are so talented and creative! :) Darling shower themes

Kristi said...

I think you SHOULD open a business! You do such great work, down to every last detail.

Janene said...

Before I read that last sentence of your post, I was actually thinking the exact same thing! (But not joking) You excel at special days!