Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coleman and Cookies

Leave it to our sweet little ones to receive inspiration. Today in Sacrament Meeting Coleman had a revelation that we should do something for a friend. One of our good friends just completed a round of chemotherapy and today spoke about seeing the hand of God in our lives. She was reflecting on the fact that we could feel sorry for ourselves for whatever reasons, and listed a few of them including, "because no one brought me cookies today". Coleman is our little Cookie Monster. He loves everything about them--making them, eating the dough (with a grimace from me because I know the risk of salmonella from those raw eggs, but what can I say, I love cookie dough too!), eating hot ones with milk, eating cold or stale ones, he'll eat cookies any way they come. So he heard the word "cookie" over the pulpit (nods to his parents for teaching him to pay attention while he's busy with his "Activity Book") and realized that our friend was sad that no one had brought cookies to her today. His eyes lit up and he whispered as reverently as he could, "Hey, I know! We should make some cookies and bring them to her!" He was so excited to have the idea and as soon as we got home, we got on our aprons and got right to work. I'm so proud to have a son who receives that nudge from the Spirit to do something for someone else, and I love that we got to make cookies in the process.