Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Peter Pan

A few nights ago we went to our local high school's productin of Peter Pan. It was very well done--both of the kids were enthralled with every minute of it. Peter Pan was actually played by a girl who cut her hair off for the role. She was amazing! They handed out pirate crayons and had a coloring page on the back of the playbill to keep the kids busy while we waited for teh play to start. One of Ryan's priests was one of the pirates, and he was hilarious, so that was especially fun.

After the play was over, we got to meet some of the characters--we snapped a picture with Wendy. Peter Pan told Coleman he could visit the Lost Boys in Neverland any time, which has Coleman making all sorts of travel plans. We topped off the night with an ice cream cone from Parker's and called it good.