Friday, April 11, 2008

Me! Me! (I've been tagged!)

My cute sister-in-law Laura tagged me a long, long time ago and I just got tagged again by my friend Sally with something similar, so I am sure it's the universe's way of saying you all want to know all about me :). I sort of combined the two to give you these gems about me:

What I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Finishing my mission in Chile, I was in Belloto!
2. Training Hermana Bryson from Layton. Like the other missionary I "trained", I am sure that I learned much more from her then she did from me.
3. I spent a Sunday morning being mad at the members in our ward for being late, late to church and not opening the gate or building. Turns out, we had forgotten daylight savings time and arrived a whole hour EARLY.
4. Wondering what on earth I was going to do when I came home.
5. I spent much of my time savoring the friendships and yummy foods, treats, sights, and sounds of Chile. I was already starting to feel sad for all that I was going to leave behind.

What I was doing Five Years Ago:
1. Enjoying Olivia (1 1/2).
2. Incubating Coleman (thanks, Sally for the great term incubating :)).
3. Getting ready for a trip to Disneyland with Liv while Ryan ran off to Chile with his mission comp Russ.
4. Serving as RS Enrichment Counselor (hardest job ever!).
5. Still wondering what gender Coleman was--neither of our children liked to show their goods to our ultrasound techs.

1. Updated the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition website.
2. Went to Olivia's freezing cold soccer game.
3. Ran errands during my gloriously free couple of hours, although I missed Eliza who usually spends Thursday mornings with me, but she didn't come because she was sick. I hope she and her mama get better soon!
4. Worked on bridal shower invitations.
5. Watched great TV with Ryan (The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, and 4400).

Five Things on my To Do List today:
1. Paint my toenails.
2. Clean house for guests that are coming tonight to watch kiddoes while Ry and I run away for a day.
3. Laundry (every day? Come on!)
4. Deliver Coleman to his lunch date with his bethrothed (Addie).
5. Go to Costco.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Haagen Daaz dark chocolate ice cream bars.
2. Frozen Thin Mints.
3. Great Harvest oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
4. Sour apples and sour peaches (best candy ever, really hard to find!)
5. Fresh fruit and yummy fruit dip (I have several good recipes, I'll post them soon!).

Five Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:
1. Buy a new house and pay off mortgages of family and friends
2. Go to Italy (Ryan and I would really like to go next year for our 10 year anniversary).
3. Nice, cushy college fund for kiddoes.
4. Set up vacations for the rest of my life.
5. Shop til I dropped (furniture, clothing, home decor, you name it, I'd buy it).

Five of my Bad Habits:
1. Clutter!
2. Perfectionism (I know, it seems that clutter and perfectionism cannot go hand in hand--which indeed causes great strife in my soul).
3. Emotional eating.
4. Judging others.
5. Procrastination--maybe it's a good habit? I seem to work better under pressure, so I usually don't do things until the deadline is imminent.

Five places I have lived:
1. Spokane, WA
2. Novi and Birmingham, MI
3. Riverside, CA
4. SLC and Logan, UT
5. Storrs, CT (for an internship in college for 2 months)
6. Chile (had to throw it in, the most exotic place on the list!)

Five Jobs I've Had:
1. Meier's Prime, baby (catering, deli) Once I went to a flower store and the employee sniffed and asked if I smelled pizza. That would have been ME smelling like pizza. Nice.
2. Food science lab tech at USU.
3. Nutrition Through The Life Cycle lab instructor at USU.
4. WIC dietitian and clinic manager.
5. Mom (best job ever, though the monetary compensation is lacking :))

Five TV shows: (So hard to narrow it down, I love TV, but I'll list that which we are enjoying currently)
1. 4400 (Sadly, a cancelled series, but we have been loving it)
2. Battlestar Galactica (Yay! New episodes started last week!)
3. Lost (Sometime soon there should be another new episode, right?)
4. Medium (Yes, that would be FOUR science fiction shows, in a row. Never thought I'd be a sci-fi fan, but there it is... I love Allison and her very normal marriage and family and life. It's cool too that she's a psychic)
5. The Office (hooray, it returned last night with a hilarious new episode)

Alright, so now I'm supposed to tag five people--but I'm having a hard time deciding who... if your name isn't on the list, but you want to play, please do! If your name is on the list, and you really just don't want to play, that's okay too, no offense will be taken :).



Sally said...

I envy you that food science lab tech job. That one sounds awesome. What did you do, exactly?

LisaRD said...

Funny you should ask... it was a glorious, glamorous job of cutting frozen lamb meat into steaks with a big, bad meat saw, then cooking them to a certain temperature with probes of all kinds, and for the life of me I cannot remember the purpose of it all. Not something to be envied, for sure, as I often left smelling like I'd been to a BBQ.

LAURA & ELIZA said...

LISA! You need to tag me! I can't be lame and tag myself again! So HURRY!