Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleep well, Tinkerbell....

This is how I say goodnight to my Liv, and she responds with "You too, bugaboo." To Coleman, I say "All set, Boba Fett?" (his favorite bad guy from Lego Star Wars), and he says, "All set, Mommy Fett" or some other nonsensical response. This is after family prayers and after we do our belly bounces and after I have tucked them in with lots of hugs and kisses. This silly bedtime routine is one of the things I miss most about being home with my cute kiddoes this week.

I flew up to Spokane, WA on Friday to help my older sister Lauren who had a life-threatening emergency c-section of Thursday night. She found out Wednesday that she had placenta previa and Thursday she staretd to bleed out. Very luckily she was in the hospital, or it is unlikely that she or her sweet baby girl Grace (fitting name!) would have survived. She lives in northern Idaho (Sandpoint) and has five other children--Claire is just barely one and she has decided that I am her arch-nemesis. Lauren came home from the hospital tonight and is doing okay, but still really weak and tired. I have learned lots of things while on this trip:

  • I am not cut out to live 15 miles away from shopping areas, nor am I cut out to live down a dirt road.
  • I am not cut out to be in charge of teenagers (heaven help us all when Liv and Coleman reach that stage!).
  • I am really bad at guessing how much food I need to prepare for more than 4 people (you'd think with a catering background I'd be better, go figure!).
  • I really don't like bugs, mice, or other animal wildlife. I keep expecting to glance out the window and look at a wolf or bear (hasn't ever happened to me, but it has happened here before).
  • I am spoiled in many, many ways.
  • I am definitely a city girl.
  • My "overwhelmed" feeling with my own dishes and laundry and stacks of mail and papers pales in comparison to what I've experienced the last few days.
  • I'm not so sure what to do with newborns anymore.
  • I used to think I had "a way" with young kids. I was wrong.
  • I really don't like being away from my little family, for many reasons, including missing our bedtime routine.
Basically, to sum it all up, I am woefully unprepared and ill-equipped to live my sister's life. She does it well, graciously with a smile, and loves it. She is amazing, for so many reasons, and her children and husband are very blessed that she is still around. I am glad too--she's my sister and one of my closest friends--and although I've been stretched in many ways while here, I am so glad that I can help in some small way.

**Do you have any silly bedtime routines?
**Would you be able to (or want to) live out in the woods?
**What store would you miss most if your only shopping options included gas stations, Hallmark, or SuperWalmart?


The Hale Family said...

The only bedtime routine we have is family prayer. The kids sometimes will sit on the couch and complain "I'm soooo tired... can't we have prayer so I can go to bed!". They can't sleep unless we do. To tell you the truth I can't remember other routines when they were little.

I would love to live out in the woods. It has always been a dream of Jerry and I. But unfortunately, we either couldn't afford it or his work was in a place where we couldn't.

As far as the store I would miss most... Probably Costco. Sorry that was a boring answer.

Glad your sister is okay.

Jenny said...

I am so glad to hear that Lauren is ok. When grandma told me about the whole thing I was so scared!!! Thank goodness Heavenly Father watches out for his little children coming into this world and their mommies. I'm glad you went up there to help.

I couldn't live in the woods but I know that Bryant would LOVE it. I would miss my 3 minute drive to Target, the mall, the movie theaters, etc.

Lula Mae said...

That's great that you are able to help out in such a big way. It's great being a sister, isn't it! It's always nice to be needed although some situations are better than others.

My sister is preparing to move to Idaho too and is looking to live on a farm. She listed off all the livestock she was going to buy and I couldn't help but laugh. There is no way I would have a goat in my backyard.

Sally said...

What is a belly bounce?! Please elaborate! I would also miss Costco, and Target. But a lot of my other loves I could get online. One ritual we do is Good Choices with the girls. I try to list 5 for each of them, like "You did your Home Fun without any complaining today" or "you shared with Grace after you went to the gas station with daddy". Sometimes it's very very hard to come up with many quality ones, so I cop out and say "You're in bed on time", or "You ate all your dinner." This idea came from a friend who heard the same thing about the first 5 minutes of the day setting the whole tone for the day, and the last 5 helping them feel good about themselves and forgiven for all of their wrongs so they can rest. Sometimes I also have to fake their good choices, so I say "Thanks for sharing with Anna" and Grace says "I didn't share with Anna!" and I say "Well, I know you meant to, and you will tomorrow!"

Janene said...

Woah! I'm glad everything is OK with Lauren. What a surprise and what a blessing that mom and baby are well.

my first response is YES! I would love to live in the woods. But then the wolf and bear thing gives me some serious second thoughts.

I would miss boutiques, consignment shops like emilie jane, bookstores too. I would not miss Home Depot. :o)

Witness said...

We've been praying for Lauren and her family. They are amazing people. I'm glad you were able to go up and spend time there!! We hope to see you all soon!

Ashley & Matt Cole said...

What a good experience. I guess it is true you never know until you step in someone elses shoes. I love all the points, I think I am in the same boat as you :)

Our bed time routine is down to a science, same songs, same blankets, same binki's, same bed, same time, and ending with prayer. Therefore traveling is not easy on our little one...if it is not all the same, it doesn't work.