Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meme of Six Random Things

I got tagged by Booklogged at A Reader's Journal to share six random things about me. A few months ago I shared seven random and weird things about me, so I'll try to just stick to random here and leave out the weird.

1. My favorite author lately is Shannon Hale. I got to hear her speak at a PTA Convention at BYU last week and I am just positive that if she had the chance to meet me, we would become best friends. She was delightful and funny and inspiring. She shared some great ideas about how to get kids to love books, and I thought I'd share just a few:

  • Always have at least 10 age appropriate books for each child.
  • Get them their own library card (ownership!).
  • Let them see you reading for enjoyment (neglect the thought that if it's properly depressing it must be helpful).
  • Read for 20 minutes daily with your children (duct tape works!).
  • Attend book events as a family.
  • Have a family read-a-thon.
She ended her talk by telling us "Don't let anybody tell us you aren't doing a fantastic job, you guys rock!" which came after our illustrious governor had just told us one of the biggest problems in our schools lack of parental involvement. Keep in mind, this was said to a room full of women and men who left their families and/or jobs to be trained on how we can become more involved as leaders in the Parent-Teacher-Association. He may have missed the "Know Your Audience" part of his presentation prep.

2. I have a really bad habit of buying clothes. I'm good at bargain shopping, but I make up for the low costs with large quantities. I finally cleared out my overflowing closet and gave six garbage bags of clothes to DI. You would think that left me lots of room in our spacious closet, but it's still pretty cramped. I'm trying to be better, really.

3. I have old lady hands with age spots on them already (I'm only 33! Can't the age spots at least wait until I'm 50?). If I had lots of money I'd do weekly manicures and acrylic nails to make up for my hand ugliness insecurity.

4. I think I am one of a very few number of democrats in Utah County. I became a democrat to bring balance to our fine state (and because I believe strongly in many of the tenets of that party--but not all). I think I'm a disappointment to some of my family members because of this, but a source of pride to others. When I declared myself a democrat, the sweet woman at the voter registration table marked it wrong so after I left there was some confusion. The people in line and the other helpers tried to clear it up (I had gone already) and someone finally yelled out "It's Lisa Ann Harper that is the democrat... Lisa Ann Harper!" So much for confidentiality. Ryan and I should have "His" and "Hers" political signs in our yard because we don't see eye to eye on some major social issues.

5. According to Coleman, one of the things I do best every day (mentioned during our sweet Family Home Evening dedicated to mothers a few weeks ago) is "eat cookies". I'm so glad I'm such a fine example to him!

6. My current nemesis is my lawn. We have dead grass, white top, morning glory, and crab grass. Every year I swear it will be our last of dealing with all these problems. I spend many dollars and many hours spraying, pulling, swearing (just in my head :)) and hoping, but with no luck. The sprinklers are working (thanks Ryan!) and I've got Stewarts and Chemlawn on my list of people to contact. I have a feeling I'm going to be sinking a lot more dollars in my lawn this summer. Cross your fingers for me!

I'm supposed to tag 6 people now, but I'm opting to just tag one--Laura from Eliza and Laura because I know she wants to play. If any of the rest of you want to play too, please share six random things about yourself on your blog, and make sure to leave a comment so I can read all about you!

Olivia's mama slam for the day: "Ew, that's just gross" when I changed into comfy pants in the family room. Come on! I kept my underwear on and everything!

**Are you going to share six random things about yourself?
**Who is your favorite author?
**Do you have any suggestions for my lawn-care woes?


Booklogged said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so glad you did this. So fun to learn more about you. I don't have anything to do with the lawn except watering it. Someday I hope we get a sprinkling system.

I love Shannon Hale and heard her at the SLC library at a Book Festival. She was great. My teen and 28 yro went with me. Big boo-boo for the governor!

I have clothes in my closet and the 2 upstairs bedrooms and on a long rod in the laundry room - that doesn't count the fold ups and ones in the laundry baskets. Now that I've retired I'm slowly weeding thru them and sending to DI.

Kids can sure be a moral booster can't they? Unfortunately, that doesn't change so much as they get older.

gurrbonzo said...

You do NOT have old lady hands! And, I love reading. And, LISA ANN HARPER IS A DEMOCRAT????


thefamilyparker said...

I just love to read your blog Lisa. You must be the best mom in the whole world! I always feel inspired when I read it. Check out ours -


Janene said...

I have about three posts composed in my head right now! If they make it to the keyboard, they will likely be random enough. :o)

Confession, I checked out Shannon Hale's official website just yesterday. Loved it. It may very well become the one and only blog site where I "lurk" As much as I'm enjoying John Adams, it is just so hugely dense. Next will probably be one of her books.

Janene said...

ps. what is a meme?

Kristy said...

Hey Lisa...your not alone! Kristine Rachel Snyder is a democrat too! I had a similar experience at the pole when they thought I was confused and really wanted to mark republian.

Nick and Miriam said...

Shannon Hale ALL THE WAY! She rocks! I also heard her speak at a SLC book festival and it helped to cement a tangible love of reading for fun, which sometimes I felt guilty for...still kind of do! I wish I could get some of your clothes addiction because I have very little adventure when it comes to my wardrobe (I still have shoes I occassionally wear from HIGH SCHOOL--yikes...) and my body is oddly proportioned so it makes clothes shopping a nightmare!

Ashley & Matt said...

It is hard not to be a democrat these days, I am sticking with Independent for now.
We have some major lawn woes too. I should try harder to do something about it rather than just worry about the inside, b/c it is my scary yard that everyone has to look at.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one around here that is a democrat. My son who just returned from a mission, is just appalled. We disagree on almost every issue. :(

As for the lawn good luck. We are lucky, ours looks nice, thanks to the previous owners. I hope we can keep it that way.