Friday, January 25, 2008

TAGGED--Random and Weird

I got tagged by Janene (my cousin's cute wife) to post 7 random and weird things you might not know about me. Some of those random and weird things I don't think I'm ready to post to the world--call it pride or maybe wisdom that I don't think you REALLY want to know all my deep, dark secrets. I'll try to post exciting stuff without divulging too much :). Let your imaginations run wild with that! I was tagged a while ago for another fun one that's a little longer (from my cute SIL Laura :)) which I still plan to do... stay tuned.

1. We had lots of high adventures on our road trips while I was growing up. Once, we had a throw-up fest after eating lots and lots of Fruit Loops. My dad always got pulled over for speeding while driving across the country, and this time the kind police officer stuck his head in the window and quickly asked us to go on our way. Another time, we lost a box of canning jars off the top of the van (guessing it wasn't tied very securely?). Yet another time, we got stuck in the parking entrance at ZCMI mall because our car top carrier made our van too tall. And another time our car top carrier was blown off in that windy and windy (you know, it winds around and blows a lot) canyon in Arizona. My dad pulled over to rescue it and was almost carried away into oblivion by a big gust of wind. It was pretty frightening, but looking back we laugh. Note to self: Be very selective when choosing a car top carrier and very, very careful when securing items it in. Several times on the road we made McDonald's ice cream machine break because we needed too many cones. What fun!

2. When I was 11 or 12 my dad and I were body surfing or boogey boarding and we got pulled out by the undertow. We had to get rescued by a lifeguard. It was really scary--I was afraid for my life and my dad's. In the end, it turned out okay, the lifeguard was hot. I am sure he was straight from Baywatch.

3. When I was 10 or so my family went to Disneyland. I got selected by Merlin to pull the sword out of the stone because I had on a purple shirt (the royal color, of course). A few other people (big strong men) had tried before me unsuccessfully, but thanks to my superhuman strength I pulled that sucker out--oh, and thanks to the hydraulic lift that Merlin activated too.

4. At Utah State I was the President of my Lambda Delta Sigma chapter (Beta Chi!) my sophomore year. For Rush Week we had to come up with a skit--the other officers and I had the brilliant idea of going with a Mary Poppins theme. I died my hair black and put on a long black skirt, white blouse, and apron to look just like Mary and we sang "Let's go fly a kite" with the other girls and we gave out wooden balloon magnets that said "Flying high with Beta Chi". Shows you how very naive I was--totally missed the drug reference that any other sorority chick would have gotten. So very lucky for you that the photos I have of that blessed event are NOT digital :).

5. During my senior year at USU my buddy Kyle (who was in the Dietetics program with me) traveled with me to Washington DC for a Legislative Conference that the American Dietetic Association put on. We dragged our friend Patrice with us for fun. We laughed for a week straight--our adventures included a flight to Boston on an airline that was so cheap and outdated that it was literally TOWED to go in reverse. We slept overnight at the airport and we almost died in a round-about on the way to Cape Cod where we went to visit my dad. I totally peed my skirt in front of them and a complete stranger in an elevator on our way to the Metro. I'm not talking a bit of dampness, I full on peed out the whole 64 ounces of lemonade I had just ingested. I have lots of embarrassing moments, but that one still makes me blush with shame.

6. In high school and college I was glad I was "smart" because I always got to study with the cute boys that weren't so smart. I always dreamed that one of them would fall madly in love with me, but turns out they all just wanted help with their homework. I think it took until I was done with school that a smart boy DID fall madly in love with me. Lucky me :).

7. I worked at a catering business during high school and college (love Meier's Prime) and we catered on movie sets--I got to meet lots of famous people like Harry Hamlin, Liza Minelli, Mira and Paul Sorvino, Treat Williams, and James Belushi. Wilford Brimley too. Did I mention I'm star-struck? I love seeing famous people. I don't love that they saw me in my food-service glory days. Oh well.

So there you have it, 7 random and weird things about me. I'd love to see any of you tackle the same task...


lAuRa said...

That was lotsa fun to read! I like to hear stories like these, they're fun and I learn more about ya! =) if it makes ya feel any better, my whole life is pretty much an embarrassing moment! ;)

Sally said...

Lisa, those were such surprising things to learn about you. Why don't we ever learn this kind of stuff at company dinners? I will try that when I have a second, although you probably know lots of mine!

Traci said...

fun! Okay, so I know we have scanners these days and I'd absolutely love to see you as Mary Poppins! Digital or not, I know you "could" share. ;) Anyway, it was really fun to read these things about you.