Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lite Brite and a Budding Photographer

Olivia got a Lite Brite for her birthday. She has loved it. She loves it so much that she hi-jacked my camera to capture her love affair with her Lite Brite.

Best photo of the lot.
Isn't she a little young to know about and try to DO a sultry look?
"Come on, I know this one will be better...."
"Okay, I'm done now, how about you?"

**Did you play with Lite Brite when you were little? (I did and I loved it too!)?
**Olivia shows promise as a photographer, no?


Terri said...

Olivia's daddy had one too, and he LOVED Light Bright as well! I guess Liv comes by it naturally to love it!

eliasinlondon said...

Loved the photos - and love that she got a lite brite! I didn't know they still made those. I LOVED it - I still remember how it smelled. Does it smell the same? :)

Kristi said...

Olivia is sure showing some promising photo skills. :) We got a Lite Bright for our girls for Christmas one year, and Richard is the one who plays with it the most!

julie said...

I loved my litebrite! I would stay up late in bed putting together the most elaborate pictures. My girls all have the travels size ones. We pull them out for plane rides, and road trips.

PS... You and Matt totally look alike! Cute!

Shally said...

Light Brite was always a fav at our house growing up!

I need to get one for my kids. but I am afraid I'd have the little "lights" all over my house!

Linn said...

Didn't everybody love their Lite Brite? Those are actually some pretty impressive photos. To do that on her own, without the help of someone taking the picture. Very impressed. How can I book her for a family picture I need taken in the next couple of months?

Booklogged said...

I'm too old for Lite Brite, but my kids loved it. Looks like they've updated it a bit.