Sunday, June 1, 2008

Proof of Coolness

I've had a bit of a blogging break... mostly because this last week and a half have been crazy busy (when isn't life like that?) and partly because I haven't felt too inspired to share the craziness that is my life, but I have decided that if nothing else, our blog is a good spot to record the happenings of our life--even if it is sometimes not too exciting or inspiring or profound.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is play games... especially on Sunday afternoons (which is do-able since we have the earlier church schedule now!). Last week we pulled out the white board (thanks Terri and Bruce!) and taught the kids about Hangman. Olivia may not claim this phrase as her own when she is in her teenage years, but we have it on film: She thinks we are cool.
Coleman is just learning to write, so Liv helped him out when it was his turn. He decided to do a snowman for his man in the noose--and when we got a letter wrong, Olivia told him to put on an eye... so he drew an "I" right in the eye spot. Too cute!

Another day, the kids got creative with their train tracks and did a portrait of me when I'm happy... (funky chin shape there, eh?)

...and when I'm sad. I am sure they didn't do it on purpse, but I love that they used the blue tracks for the sad one. Both are works of art, no?

**What do you like to do on Sunday afternoons?
**Have you ever had a portrait of you made of train tracks (or any other cool thing)?


Cheri said...

Wow, those are some creative kids! I love childrens' brains and to see how they operate.

Sunday afternoons are hard for us because one child naps and the other gets bored easily (and Spencer usually has a meeting). But I still welcome the break from the daily grind!

Ashley & Matt said...

I love that your kids do these fun things and don't spend all free time on video games etc.

Sunday afternoons are so often filled with meetings for Matt with his church calling, and other to do's. But I loved yesterday, it was relaxing and enjoyable with beautiful weather. (his meeting wasn't until 6pm:) )

Kristy said...

I think your cool too! Stella said she saw your kids at the White's big party when I was out of town! We love to walk around all the trails around here on Sunday afternoon. Then we are off to Grandma's for dinner!

Sally said...

Hmmm, we usually have Family Movie Night, with something Troy rented, or downloaded (sometimes illegally!) or a Pay Per View. In the summer we play Frisbee on the lawn or in the pocket park, or go for very slow bike/trike rides. Alas, no portraits of me in train tracks. I would love to someday have my portrait painted, though. By a real live artist.