Friday, August 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

With school starting this week AND the Summer Olympics going on, I've been all nostalgic for my younger days. We loved to watch the Olympics as a family (especially gymnastics.... we wanted to BE Nadia Comaneci (or her friend Teodora) and Mary Lou Retton.

Every year we took first day of school photos... so I went digging in my baby books and only came up with two of them... the others that show my knickers and velcro shoes have to be somewhere, right?

The first is my first day of kindergarten. We lived in Birmingham, MI and I started class at 12:30 pm--my teacher was Mrs. Fishtahler (great documenting, mom!). Here I am in some rockin' duds with my younger sisters Heather (left) and Megan. I've always loved new clothes, and new school clothes were my favorite thing to pick out. When I got older and made my own babysitting money I would make lists of all of my new clothes and accessories so I'd be sure to get every possible combination out of them. A little OCD maybe :) ? Even now, I think at the end of the summer I should get new school clothes when the kids do.
The picture below is from 1st grade... my oldest sister Lauren is on the left, our friend Heather, and me. Clothes always come back in style... I currently own a jacket JUST like the one I had on, just in lime green with grey stripes down the sleeves.
This picture below brought back so many great memories. As much as we loved to watch and try to do gymnastics, we also loved to dance. Our favorite Sunday afternoon activity was playing the record (vinyl, baby!) "Hooked On Classics" and wearing our leotards and improvised tutus to dance the day away. You've gotta love the diaper on Erin and the underwear coming out the bottom of our leotards. Those were some serious granny panties. I won't speak for my sisters, but I know that my passion for dancing has been replaced by awkwardness and uncoordination... but I LOVE that when we were young, we had no qualms about getting the groove on.
The dancing darlings: On the left is Lauren, then Megan (unfortunately hidden in the back, kneeling up in her wheelchair), Heather, Erin (in front), and me in the back. Weren't we lovely?

Olivia has successfully finished her first week of second grade! She wrote this about returning to school (and I love her spelling!):

**What Olympic athlete did/do you want to be?
**Do you buy new school clothes? I should get some more, right?
**Do you have first day of school photos? (If so, I want to see!)
**Did you ever see such lovely girls in leotards?
**Do you jam out at home?


Christy P. said...

I can hear the Hooked on Classics in my head right now! We used the first tracks from that for warm-ups at gymnastics back in the early 1980's!

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh, but me and my sisters used to have an 8 track of Donny Osmond and we would choreograph dances to some of his songs. I can picture the 8 track cover, but none of the songs. We always wore leg warmers when we did this, so we could be just like "FLASHDANCE". Okay, now that made me feel old. :o(

Shirlene said...

What a fun post and fun pictures. You gotta love the 80's. I see a lot of Olivia in you when I see your younger pics. You still have your quick smile that is contagious.

Kristy said...

Great pics. I love old photo albums and the memories they arise.

Ashley and Matt said...

These old pics are the best. It makes me want to go digging through old photo books next time I'm at your mom's house.

Erin's Granny panties wins!

Allyson said...

Those pictures are priceless! How fun to see you guys when you were little! My sisters and I would use our tennis racquets as guitars and rock out all the time! It was so fun!

LAURA and ELIZA said...

I always wanted to be a gymnast (spelling?) or a swimmer. I knew I would never be tall enough to play volleyball, but I always thought that would be fun. We always took 1st day of school photos. I'm totally taking one on my 1st day of school on Wednesday...just for fun! I am the best school clothes shopper ever! I practice frequently between the school years. Love the leotards! NO JOKE ;)!! And jamming out at home? Eliza and I do it daily. I LOVE IT!

Daniel, Lyndsie and Makai said...

Lisa! I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm totally obsessed with blogging. What a cute family you have! I can't believe how big your kids are. Kay, those pictures of you guys when you were little are priceless! So fun to see. I'm gonna put you on my blogger list for sure! We HAVE to get Lindsey blogging. I haven't been able to convince her so far.

Janene said...

Mary Lou, all the way! And what fun pictures! I think my only school pictures are of the entire class. Definitely nothing to top the dancing leotards.