Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Thoughts by Batman

Coleman got his face painted as Batman at the fund-raising carnival we went to... and these last few Sundays he's said so many funny things, that I had to share...

He asked to sit on my lap, and in return I asked if I could sit on his lap... he said:
"That would make me get smashed!" (how true it is)

I told him to sit on the bench, and he shot back with:
"But you're soft, the bench is prickly."

He asked me if I believe in God, I asked, "Do you?" He said:
"Yes! He's a good guy!" in a very non-chalant, matter-of-fact voice. Amen.

Half an hour into Sacrament Meeting he leaned over to me and said, "When is Church going to be over? It's SOOOOOO long, I'm going to die!"

Today Coleman asked what "abs" are--we explained that they are stomach muscles and I told him that muscles are hard. We felt his abs and Liv's abs, and I told him that my abs had squishy on top of them. Coleman asked if he could feel my abs, so I said he could... he came over, poked his fingers in my belly and said, "Wow, that is really squishy!"

And finally, the ward Primary leaders said that he was in fine form when we had the Stake visitors for Ward Conference. The Primary counselor was talking about the Holy Ghost guiding us and Coleman kept shouting out, "But where is he going to take us, where are we going?"

That's my boy!


LAURA and ELIZA said...

Oh LISA! He is hilarious! I love reading and even hearing what Coleman says. He cracks me up!!