Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love To See The Temple

Last week I went to the temple early in the morning. It was dark and bitterly cold and I noticed a few other people walking from nearly empty parking lot. Each of us hurried to get out of the cold and into the warm, peaceful refuge of the temple. I felt inclined to break into a run, but I kept it to a brisk walk to keep from looking like a total idiot. It struck me that I want to cultivate that same anxious and excited feeling to get to the temple often--to serve, to worship, and to learn.

Once inside, I chuckled with the cute elderly woman that not only was I there on the last day of the month, but it was also the last day of the year. She smiled at me and said, "It's okay, dear, you're here, and that's what is important." Indeed.


Booklogged said...

It's -7 degrees tonight as I read this post. I shivered just thinking about running in a dress with almost bare legs. Eeek! Another reminder that no matter what's going on in the 'outside' world it's always warm and peaceful inside the temple.

BTW, Thanks for leaving the tip about MyPublisher. I was in the middle of downloading a lot of pictures to Shutterfly, but I went to check out MyPublisher. I LOVE it. So much easier and quicker than anything else I've looked at. There aren't as many layout options as ArtsCow, but I think the quality is much better.

Bobette said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for the sweet comment! I have seen the great work your hubby does too! And I LOVE your family picture on your blog! I would love to go to lunch with you guys Wednesday! That should work! See ya soon! Hope you are doing well!

Lula Mae said...

That was pretty funny. It seems I'm always turning up at the last minute for this, that or the other. It's nice to know it still counts.

Heidi said...

David took one look at that beautiful photo of the temple and asked me if we could go there "after the spring." He also gets excited when he sees your picture--he recognizes his mom's friend Lisa!

We are so glad to be living near relatives who so willingly take care of our children while Andy and I go to the temple. Your post reminds me that I should schedule our next trip soon! What a great way to begin 2009!