Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A to Z Tag

My friend Emily tagged me with this fun A to Z list.... so here goes, all you need to know about me from A to Z!

A--Attached or Single: Attached to Ryan for almost 10 years now
B--Best Friend: Ryan :) (and a whole bunch of wonderful women)
C--Cake or Pie: Both? Chocolate cake with frosting or key lime pie
D--Day of Choice: Saturday
E--Essential Item: Cetaphil lotion and contact lens solution
F--Favorite Color: green
G--Greatest Accomplishment: Being a wife and mama
H--Hometown: I moved around a lot while I was growing up--I was born in SLC, then we lived in Spokane, WA; Novi and Birmingham, Michigan; Riverside, CA; and back to SLC at 11
I--Indulgences: Acrylic nails (I wish I had them again) and Haagen Daaz dark chocolate ice cream bars (or any other number of treats)
J--January or July: July (if it's not TOO hot)
K--Kids: 2 marvelous kiddos
L--Life is incomplete without: My husband and kids (that's the safe and serious answer--but I'd also say: CHOCOLATE!)
M--Marriage Date: August 2, 1999
N--Number of Siblings: 12 (it's complicated)
O--Oranges or Apples: Apples (preferably with caramel)
P--Phobias or fears: slightly claustrophobic (like the time we were in NYC at the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center), arachnophobia (although I have shown extraordinary bravery around spiders when it was necessary)
Q--Quotes: "In all living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." (Gordon B. Hinckley)
R--Reasons to Smile: new clothes, kids, good friends, good food, finishing a craft project or quilt
S--Season: Fall--I love the cool weather and all of the colors. Let "hot chocolate season" begin!
T--Tag 5 Friends: Anyone who wants to play (that means you Sara W!)
U--Unknown fact about me: I have a really bad temper (Ryan and the kids said they didn't even know that, so maybe that means my attempts at anger management are working!) and I'd really love to be able to dance but my coordination doesn't match my desire
V--Very favorite store: it's a toss up--Costco or Target
W--Worst habit: I always put things in a pile so I can deal with them later, the result is unmanageable clutter
X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: since most of my x-rays were when I had kidney stones and most of my ultra-sounds were when I was pregnant, I'd for sure go with ultra-sounds
Y--Your favorite food: depends on the day--right now I love soups and I love to order mashed potatoes at any restaurant I go to (one time they brought me instant mashed potatoes!!! Olivia loved them though--she called them "popcorn potatoes")
Z--Zodiac: Cancer

**Did you learn something new?
**Are you going to do this tag?


KatieM said...

i can't live without contact solution either,... amen.

Linn said...

I love knowing all of those things about you! You are fabulous my friend!

emilyw said...

Thanks for doing my tag. You're awesome! It's great knowing that I have another friend who values the need for chocolate!

Yoga Girl said...

loved hearing little known facts about!

Julie Pia said...


It is so fun to learn more about you. I had no idea you liked acrylic nails. Shocker!

Hey, I just bought the book -the book thief- I was wondering if you've read it and if so, what did you think? We are reading it for book club in February.

Also, what did you think about -The boy in the striped Pajamas- Should I read it next or not?

love ya!