Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Opera Star

Olivia has had a great music teacher at school this year. She gave the second grade classes a chance to write and produce their own opera. Liv's class named their opera "Sharing is Caring" and they performed it for us on a Saturday afternoon at the Junior High.

She was a wizard and got to wear a hat that she decorated all by herself with blue sparkly foam stars and a wizard cape that I made all by myself with stamps and glitter paint.

Liv is the fifth from the left, standing with other wizards, next to elves. Not shown are the royalty and the Jedi. With that mix of characters, you can tell that second graders dreamed it up.

Here's the video of the opera... it's fairly long (over 8 minutes) so NO obligation whatsoever to watch):

I'm so grateful for good teachers who go out of their way to give our kids good experiences with things like this. I love that she got a taste for creating a whole opera and that she helped with the scenery, costumes, music in addition to performing in it.

The whole musical thing reminded me of a conversation I had with a few of girlfriends during our fun "Mamma Mia" night several months ago--a few of my girlfriends and I decided that life could be so much more fun if we could spontaneously break into song and dance.

**If your life were a musical, which one would it be?


Kristy said...

We had a fun Mamma Mia night in this neck of the woods a few months back. It would be fun to randomly break into song and dance. How is the job going?

Linn said...

She is so cute!

Kristi said...

What cute ladies in that photo! It's fun to see you all. I am totally impressed with the costume making skills you possess.

Sara White said...

Perhaps my musical would be "Little Shop of Horrors"--at least there is a dentist involved.

emilyw said...

Super cute kids! I love it!