Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Graduation 2009

Despite feeling that in our society we tend to make a big deal out of normal life changes and events (such as promotions from 6th grade or even junior high--do we really need to set the bar so low?) I am a sucker for a preschool graduation that shows off cute kids, especially when they get to wear a cap and gown. Coleman's preschool graduation didn't disappoint....

Here's Coleman with his teacher, Ms. Sherri, who is wonderful in so many ways.

Here is Coleman with Grandma Stover who came down for the big event.

Coleman had the responsibility of handing out flags to all of his classmates. I fear he will grow up to be the class clown... he was tossing them because it made people laugh. Today I told him he was clever, and he asked what that meant (that's his latest thing... learning new vocabulary words). I explained it and he said, "Oh, I like being clever. I like being funny too." I have a feeling we'll have to keep an eye on that!

When it was time for his part he was confident and delivered it perfectly.

Coleman is such a riot... I videotaped several of the songs they sang, and this one captures his funny personality. (It's short, only 50 seconds.)

Here's a genuine smile from our little graduate. It's hard to believe he will be in kindergarten next year, but he is very ready and I know he'll love it. (Let's hope we can avoid calls from the teacher because he's goofing off too much.)


Linn said...

He is such a doll!

Kristi said...

Congratulations, Coleman! What a cute, clever graduate!