Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye...

...a very fun activity for my kids and I!

(So for all you editors out there, I do realize it should probably read "...for my kids and me!" but that didn't rhyme.)

BYU's Museum of Art has a fabulous exhibit of Walter Wick's artwork. He is the photographer of "I Spy" books fame and other wonderfully thought provoking photographs. It is free and runs through August, so check it out if you need a fun activity.

We spent about an hour and a half in the museum... there were a few other really fun exhibits going on along with Walter Wick's stuff. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy and dreary afternoon.

Scary, scary night...

The other exhibit that the kids and I loved should have closed on June 6th, but it was still going in full force when we went on June 20th.

This artist made very interesting sculptures and displays with everyday objects like garbage bags, balloons, and PVC pipe.

I'm not sure how he kept the balloons inflated to the right amount for this fascinating sculpture.

This orange piece was my favorite... it looks like it is made of shimmery tiles... guess what it really is?

The packing peanuts were a bit hit too. The fans would go off every few minutes for a minute or so and keep this art confined to it's corner. All of the walls were painted black for this exhibit, which made the art really stand out.

I don't know how long it will be going on, but I highly recommend a journey to the Museum of Art at BYU to check it out before it's gone.

**What do you think the orange artwork is made of? First one to answer correctly in the comments will get a prize. (If you've been to the exhibit and know, please don't give the answer away!)
**Have you done any fun activities with your kids?


Cheri said...

Very cool! We'll be up there next week and wanted some fun things to do down in Provo (aside from the actual campus itself), so I think we'll go!

I prefer your rhyming rather than being perfectically grammatically correct anyway. :)

Nicole said...

Duck sauce? Honey? Sweet and sour?? I think i will go with duck sauce.

My bff from Ontario is coming next week. We might just have to drive to Provo. She is fascinated by all things mormon anyway, so I think she would love BYU.

As for activities we have been pretty basic...park days, sprinkler, and my day care WOO HOO!!

Sally said...

I guess credit cards. Or student ids, or something small and plastic like that.
I've heard of that exhibit (the W.W. one) and totally want to go, but am afraid I'll run out of time. I need to be sure and catch it. Those books are cool!

Sara White said...

I took my kids there over spring break, only we weren't able to take any pictures. Every time I tried, a security guard would stop me. Lucky, you go some great pics. We also enjoyed the museum very much.

Linn said...

It looks like fruit leather to me. Crazy! What fun--I wish we could come and visit.

Lisa R.D. said...

I loved all of your guesses... Kudos to Nicole who guessed correctly with DUCK SAUCE! (As an aside, I don't think I've ever eaten anything with duck sauce, but it sure makes an neat looking work of art.)

A prize will come your way some time before the end of 2009 (I'm giving myself some leeway here!). I am really having to rack my brain to come up with something fun for you since I believe you won some cards awhile back?

Sara: I didn't see any signs posted about not taking photos... and there were guards around, just not while I was taking pictures... maybe I didn't read the signs very carefully... maybe it says it right on the exhibit signs that I took photos of... Oops. If I get any kind of cease and desist order to take down the photos, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't make the same mistake.

Nicole said...

Yay for my love of spring rolls! LOL They always come with duck sauce. It is excellent for dipping. :)

Give yourself all the leeway you need. And I love your cards! They were my go to special occasion cards, and I got compliments on ever one I gave (I did give you the credit!)

Janene said...

oh, thanks! I wish I would have seen this before I made my summer adventure list. I'll definitely keep this in mind. I was going to guess orange starbursts. :o)