Friday, June 26, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Today we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was a beautiful temple and I loved seeing the view of the Salt Lake Valley from the hill the temple sits on.

I was particularly touched today at the realization of the importance of the work that goes on inside the walls of the Holy Temple. As I sat with my family waiting to enter, we watched a short video that talked about temples and their purpose. I was overcome with love and appreciation for my children and the fact that we are sealed together.

We had a couple hours of beautiful sunlight (and some wind) in between some big rainstorms today and it worked out perfectly that our reservation was right during the lull.

You can tell by Liv's closed eyes that the sun was very bright.

In addition to the marvel of the temple, Ryan ran into some high school friends (three or four siblings who did drama and singing with Ry in Tooele) who had gathered from all parts of the country for a reunion and just happened to be at the temple the same day we were.... and I ran into a dear friend from my days at Meier's Prime Deli and Catering. My favorite thing she told my kids: "You're mom is AMAAAAAAZING!" (And I won't let them forget it.)

I love running into people that were so important in our lives, even if only for brief periods... although we may have lost touch over the years, the impact they had on us is not lessened in any way. It was wonderful to see them in such a special place and reconnect after all this time.

If you haven't been to see this temple and want to go, click here to make reservations. The Open House continues through August 1st and is well worth your time.

**Have you been to this open house yet or do you plan to go?
**Where do you usually run into people from your past? Do you always talk to people you know or do you ever slink away and pretend you don't see them?


Cheri said...

Yay - we're going next Friday! So excited to take my kids in. And, I haven't been to an open house since Timp (I was an early teen I think) so I'm excited for myself too.

Running into old boyfriends is kinda awkward... :)

Sally said...

we went last Monday, and had similar looking pictures--bright sun! I loved the fabrics in there. Luscious luscious things. I wish I could pick the fabrics for a temple!
I saw Ryan and Coleman coming out of Costco today. And it's funny, because I actually thought "I wonder if I might run into Lisa today at Costco?" and I ran into your friends and relations instead. God was preparing me. :)
I run into people at WalMart, and I slink and run away. This is why I don't do facebook, either. I'm not at all sentimental nor nostalgic for people from my past. (I still like you though. You feel present, not past. :)

Nicole said...

We have reservations to go next in 2 weeks. My best friend is coming from Ontario, and she has always wanted to go to a temple open house. She is VERY excited her trip overlapped.

I will usually talk to people if I know them, but I have been known to slink away once or twice. I narrowly dodged my exhusband and his mom a month or so ago. LOL So awkward!

Kristi said...

We just went this morning! Too bad we couldn't have coordinated that one, huh! Wasn't it beautiful?? I loved the glass on the outside of the building how it had the stars in it. It, too, makes me so thankful for eternal families. Glad you guys had a great time!

Kristy said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! It was great to see you and your family. We are lucky to have so many temples here!!

Heidi said...

We will be there at the open house during our summer trip to Utah! And I would love to get together with you again, too. I will call you!