Friday, July 2, 2010

Late Thirties Here I Come (Am)

Happy birthday to me! I celebrated my day with lots of yummy food and my sweet family. I appreciated all of the phone calls and cards and facebook salutations!

My friend Camie brought me this yummy giant cinnamon raspberry roll from my favorite Great Harvest.

Alicia brought this cupcake that tasted just as good as it looked!

Ryan and I met for lunch at Noodles & Company (did you know you can sign up and get a free meal the week of your birthday?) while the older kids decorated the sidewalk with chalk with a favorite babysitter.

Ryan and the kids planned a very fun scavenger hunt all around our house--the prizes were gift cards to my very favorite places and Olivia and Coleman were very clever in their clues (for example: "IN the cold and OUT of the house" there was a card for In-N-Out in the freezer; "It's Great and Rhymes with Head" there was a card in the bread box for Great Harvest).

We ate together at Applebee's for dinner (thanks Terri and Bruce!) and finished off the night with our new tradition: Midnight Delight from Cold Stone.

Thanks for all the fun birthday wishes!


Kristi said...

All I can say is YUM! That's my kind of birthday!! I'm glad you got spoiled with all kinds of goodies. You deserve it all! Such a cute picture of you and the kids!

Janae said...

Sounds like a great Birthday. Happy Birthday Lisa!

Janene said...

lookie, oh lookie at that cupcake! I'ts all about the food, isn't it?