Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oregon or Bust

We got to spend a few days with John and Cheri and their family near Portland earlier in July. Cheri is Ryan's aunt and we adore their family! We keep saying we'd move to the Portland area if there was a job there, and we'd do it in a minute.

Ryan took the older kids and drove while I flew with Sophia... we weren't sure she'd do too well in the car for so long and all of the stops to feed her would slow us down. She did great on the flight, except for the last few minutes and she cried a lot and wouldn't settle down to nurse. As soon as we could stand up though she looked around at everyone and flashed a big grin at the other passengers. We were glad to meet up with the rest of the family again!

This was a great sign in front of one of the churches in the area. (Don't text and drive!)

A few days before our trip I was getting my hair cut and heard a woman next to me say she was from Portland. I told her we were going there and asked for any suggestions of things we shouldn't miss... she said to go to the coast and see the Sea Lions (which we didn't have time for) but another guy overheard and told us to go to Burgerville and make sure to get a fresh strawberry shake. You know me and my penchant for food... it seems to be the highlight of half of my blog posts.

The burgers were okay... the fried asparagus (seasonal item) was interesting although I don't think I'd order it again (there are so many healtheir, tastier ways to eat asparagus)... but the shakes were amazing!

Coleman couldn't get enough so he was trying to drink from two at one time (he got vanilla--silly boy doesn't like many flavors!).
Olivia loved the strawberry shake. It was very good... so to the stranger in the salon, thanks for the recommendation!

John and Cheri's friends have a beautiful yacht and they let John take us for a ride. We went down the Columbia river into downtown Portland where they had a blues festival going on. We felt like we were in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" as passed other boats and parked to picnic on the stern while we listened to music. I could get used to that!

McKenzie and Liv

Liv, Cheri, and Sophia

Me and Sophia and her big life jacket

McKenzie, Coleman, Olivia, and Hayley on the bow of the boat. It was fun to ride out front even though I was nervous about the kids flying off or something. I think I've become a bit of a worrier in my old age.

Coleman had a fabulous time even though I made him keep his life jacket on the whole time.

John and cute Hayley at the wheel.

Beautiful Portland skyline.... we parked here for awhile to eat and enjoy the music of the festival. It was a great ride!

On the 4th we went to John's brothers house for a lovely barbecue--their home overlooks Lake Oswego. It was so beautiful there and a wonderful place to spend the 4th of July! Everyone was so kind and complimentary of the kids. It was fun to watch Coleman making conversation with some of the adults: "I'm Coleman... I'm from Utah."
Their yard was gorgeous!

We went on a little walk to find a geocache but weren't able to find it since it was getting dark and we had to hurry back so we wouldn't miss the fireworks.

Coleman learned how to hula hoop...

...and Olivia had a knack for it as well!

I wasn't sure how Sophia would do with the fireworks, especially because they were so close. I was surprised that she slept through the first half and was riveted during the second half!

They kids got to play with sparklers after the show.

Coleman really had a good time!

Coleman and Liv setting up some sparklers with Uncle John

Cheri and John have an amazing property with a full-size soccer field on one side.

Lovely Liv waiting for some soccer action.

Since Ryan got these pop-up goals for the team he coaches (Olivia's team) he's taken them with us just about everywhere. I've been surprised at how much use we've gotten out of them!

While the big kids played soccer Sophia and I tried to entertain ourselves with the camera.

Sophia went for her first swim at their house and seemed to enjoy it even though it was a little bit chilly. Is she the cutest in her little swimming suit, or what?

Thanks for a great visit, Noffz family! We love the Portland area so much and had a great time!

**Where would you move to if the opportunity arose? (Or are you happy right where you are?)
**What restaurant in your town would you recommend to visitors?


Rockelle said...

next time yoou come to portland, Let me know and we can hang out too!
I love Burgerville shakes but truly they dont hold a candle to Utah's iceburg ones.....
Looks like you had fun, and you certainly have some "rich" friends!

Julie Pia said...

Hi Lisa!
I've had so much fun reading your blog. I'm in Oregon right now and loving it! We are in Seaside staying at a beach house. I'll be driving into Portland on Tuesday to get Joe from the airport. You'll have to tell me your favorite things to do with kids.

I grew up in Vancouver Washington so this is a real treat for me to come home. I would definitely live here if I could.
Have you been to Seaside?

Lisa R.D. said...

Rockelle: We had only planned to be there for a day and a half and I didn't think I could sneak away from our family to meet up with you... but honestly I thought about you the whole time we were there! Hopefully we'll get back again soon and we can get together!

Julie: We didn't do a whole lot more than what I posted... our favorite part of the trip was being with our family. Last time we were there though we went to the coast and I loved it! Our next trip will definitely include at least a day there. I can't remember if we were in Seaside or not... I hope you'll post all about it so we'll know what to do when we get there :). Have fun!

Rockelle said...

Lisa...I completely understand. Family is most important! Next time.....and restarants? I think Portland is a food hotspot. It is one of the things i love most...Padnahs was awesome....and pine state biscuits is amazing too, and wild abandon...oh there are so many!

emilyw said...

Oh, it looks like you guys had so much fun! :) We LOVE Oregon too! We've talked about moving there for years. However, I don't think a move would be wise without a job. haha! I love reading about your adventures.

Janene said...

looks like such a fun vacation. And honestly, sea lions are OPTional, but you do gotta eat. :o)