Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm only a few months behind in recording our fun summer outings... for awhile I had a goal to get it finished before school started... then I amended it to finish before Labor Day... and my new goal is to finish these fun posts before Halloween.  I can do it. I know I can. Send me good vibes.
When we finished our fun days in Oregon, we drove through Spokane, WA to get to my sister's house for a family reunion in northern Idaho. I asked Ryan to find a park close to the freeway so we could stop for a bit. He found a great park, right next to the freeway.  What we didn't realize is that we'd have to exit the freeway and drive through a few neighborhoods to get to the park that was tucked way behind everything.  Technically, it was right by the freeway, just not too close to the exit!

The park was called "High Bridge Park"and Princess Sophia did what she does best--she ate!

Ryan, Olivia, and Coleman found a geocache while Sophia and I sat under a tree and had ants crawling all over us... you can see the cool bridge in the background. We were laughing a bit that all the bridges in Utah parks are natural, rock bridges.  The man-made ones were pretty too.

 Coleman and Liv love to geocache!


Heidi said...

I'm impressed! I am totally confident that you will meet your goal. I can't say the same for my blog goals. Loved reading about and seeing pics of your reunion! I always enjoy hearing about your family. Glad you had such a great visit. Hope David and Megan can join you all someday.