Sunday, October 10, 2010

TEN on 10-10-10!

My ultra-cool nephew Tayden turned ten years old today! His mom and dad threw him a fun football tailgate party to celebrate.

Tayden is ten!
Erin had booths set up all over the yard like a big tailgate party. Coleman wanted a dragon and Kelly (Erin's friend) delivered!

Cute Evan with Olivia (Olivia asked for a whale on one cheek (!?) and some hearts on the other. She also wanted "10-10-10" on her forehead.

When it was time for the pinata Sophia wanted to have at it too.

She actually tapped the bat on it.  Brilliant girl!

Happy birthday Tayden!

**Did you do anything to celebrate 10-10-10?


Erin said...

cute post!! love it.. i can't belivie that i have a 10 year! weird!! sofia is so stinkin cute!! I just love her!!.. thanks for all your help with everything:)

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

So cute!! Cute pictures... Your kids are so darling, and that sweet baby girl, she has the prettiest eyes and smiles so sweetly, Melt my heart :) Yesterday was such a fun day! Happy 10-10-10 and Happy 10th to Tayden :)

Lauren said...

What a handsome birthday boy! This is his golden year!! So sad we missed the celebration. Thanks for posting these pictures....who knows when Erin would've sent me some :o) ha ha, hi erin!