Monday, January 17, 2011

Student of the Day

Olivia was the student of the day last week!!! Her teacher wrote that she received the award for "consistently working for excellence in academics and service" which describes our Liv very well. She got to choose a free meal from a local restaurant and had the honor of having her name announced over the school intercom!

I had to include a close-up of the certificate... I am a very big proponent of public education, really, I am. I have to say though that nothing gets under my skin more than grammar and spelling mistakes coming from teachers or school administrators. I say that knowing full well that I am guilty of grammar and spelling errors on a regular basis--so really, I have nothing to gripe about.  That being said, Ryan and I got a good laugh out of the way "Excellence" is spelled on the Cafe Rio certificate.

Way to go Olivia!!!


Heidi said...

Way to go, Olivia! I love those special times at school when kids get recognized. As for the grammar, Audrey would appreciate the goof. Very funny!