Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten Months

Sophia is ten months old today!

We spent some time trying to capture a photo of her with her ball... as you can see, she didn't want to stay still or pose in any way. She is always on the move and has started to roll the ball away from her. She loves playing with toys and anything she can get her hands (or mouth) on.

She likes to eat! Her favorites include: homemade chicken noodle soup, beef stew, homemade pizza, sweet potatoes, and baked apples with cinnamon. She loves to drink out of a sippy cup too.

She is sporting a new tooth--which makes two on the top. We still haven't seen any evidence of those bottom teeth coming in yet (unless you count a perpetual runny nose).

Here is a better view of those teeth...

Our friend Isabel made her a darling pink hat with a flower on it. She lets us put things in her hair (or I should say on her head since she doesn't have a whole lot of hair still) and will leave them there for anywhere between 2 seconds and a couple of hours. If she happens to touch her head and realizes there is something there, it comes out immediately. She goes visiting teaching with Isabel and I.  This last month I think she consumed part of the message.  Lovely.

She loves to play with the remote (and on one occasion set the DVR to record all new episodes of "Days of our Lives" with her random button pushing) and phone and anything that is shiny or has lights.

She LOVES her sister and brother so much and would usually rather be with one of them than with me.

Sophia has started to play peek-a-boo and has a laugh that brings a smile to my face. She likes to pull herself up to a kneeling or standing position, will take steps (but only if both of her hands are being held), and she recently surprised us all with her ability to scurry up the stairs with no training at all.

We are so grateful to have this baby in our family!


Kristi said...

What a sweet little girl! I'm just loving those two top teeth! :) She seems like such a fun little person to have around. And she has quite the resume already. What a lucky girl to have come to such a loving and amazing family. ...love that hat, too!

lilly said...

lovely family

emilyw said...

She is seriously so beautiful! You guys have such cute kids!