Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Big Number 10

It's hard to believe that a whole decade has passed since Sweet Liv came to our family. She is kind and generous and thoughtful and beautiful inside and out. We were so excited to celebrate her 10th birthday!

Ryan got to spend the day at a meeting preparing for Wood Badge (a Scout training that he is helping to staff later this summer) and had to leave early, so he woke up extra early to make Liv's birthday breakfast (crepes with Nutella and bananas and a fruit smoothie). She was excited to open her presents with him here, but he walked out the door before we even ate breakfast (pretending to leave... but really going next door to our neighbors where her gift was hidden). She was so heartbroken (which made me heartbroken, even though I knew Ryan was coming right back with a great surprise for her, but who likes to see their child in tears on their birthday?). Luckily it didn't last long, and Ryan arrived at the door with her new bicycle! She quickly forgot her sadness and was thrilled with her new bike.

She loves it, and it's so cute! It's a cruiser and it makes us all want to go for a long, leisurely ride on the beach. Olivia spent a good part of the day cruising around the neighborhood. I can't believe she's tall enough (and old enough) for a women's size bicycle. How the time flies!

Ryan stuck around to eat and watch her open her other gifts... she was especially excited to get the game "Enchanted Forest" from Grandma and Grandpa Harper. Ryan played the same game when he was younger and we know we'll have loads of fun with it.

Sophia loved all the gift wrap and decorations and treats. She seemed giddy all day long, like she knew it was a special day.

We ended the day with a small group of Liv's "besties" that came over for a barbecue, some games (including tetherball--where Ryan was schooled by her friend Brinley), Heavy Heavy Hangover with presents, giant cupcakes and ice cream, and lots and lots of laughs. There may or may not have been an incident with milk coming out of Olivia's nose.

We are so glad that Olivia is a part of our family. I feel blessed to be her mama and be a part of her life.

Love you sweet Liv!


Linn said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! What a fabulous day and a darling girl!

Kristi said...

That Olivia is a super sweet girl...hmm, I wonder where she gets that from?! She is a lucky girl to be part of such a great family. Happy Birthday Olivia!!

Janene said...

you guys just KNOW how to do birthdays! Sometimes I think you should come throw our party for us. :o)