Monday, June 27, 2011

Science Museum

We've been so excited to have my sister's family visiting. We don't get to see them nearly often enough! Always on the lookout for cheap (free!) ways to entertain the kids, we ventured to the Monte L. Bean Science museum on BYU campus. The kids loved it!

Olivia and Emma loved the hunts that the museum provided.

Coleman had a great time too but didn't love "hanging" with the girls (Claire, Sophia, and Grace).

We all thought this butterfly (made up of hundreds of smaller butterflies and moths) was really neat.

The best part about this museum? It's in walking distance of the BYU Creamery outlet. We all enjoyed a cold scoop!

Coleman, Andrew, Josh, and Nathan

Sophia loved hers too!


Kristi said...

We love the Bean museum, too! (Just not the smell!) What a fun day for your kids. And who doesn't love ice cream?! That Sophia is such a cutie!!