Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Quirks I Love

Just like all kiddos Miss Sophia has some of the funniest habits. She loves to get ready for prayers (not always when it's really time to pray) and "folds her arms" like this...

She also has a thing for ice. The way she gets it off of the floor when she drops it is both horrifying and amusing... it might be a little less horrifying if the maid at our house (that would be me) had a regular schedule for cleaning our floor.

And this is her, so proud of her innovation in not letting any of her ice go to waste. Waste not, want not.

She likes to show us her body parts too, and more often than not she shows us her nose by putting her digits inside of it.
Funny girl!


Kristi said...

This made me laugh! I always find that I'm glad I wrote those little quirks down because I forget them. It will be so fun to show this post to Sophia someday! :) Love that smile!