Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Oh, Halloween! This year the Harper girls went with a bakery theme...

...and the boys decided to do their own thing. Coleman made an awesome Harry Potter...

...and Ryan advertised the new bakery and Harry Potter on his Facebook page, which was resurrected from last year when it was too rainy to wear outside.

We carved pumpkins last week at Tim and Laura's house... The pumpkins we grew this year were late in  blooming and growing, so when it was time to harvest them they were still green. We learned that green pumpkins are a whole lot cleaner to gut and carve, so that was a bonus! Olivia did a candy corn and musical note, Coleman did a Harry Potter lightening bolt. and Ryan paid homage to Steve Jobs with the Apple icon (note that the Apple pumpkin is lit up using the flashlight app on Ryan's iPhone, which is sitting inside his pumpkin). Today I decorated a mini pumpkin to look like a cupcake for Soph.

We made some tasty "Eyeballs" (Sour Cream Raspberry Cake Bites) to send to work with Ryan...

...and we went and saw the kids in their costume parade at school. Coleman was one of dozens (hundreds?) of Harry Potters, but added his own flair to it. He walked by me so quickly that he didn't even realize I was there (even though he said hello to our friend that was sitting right next to me). Silly kid.

Liv was looking good in her baker's uniform.

Later in the day I got to go into Olivia's class for her party. She was wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy!

I should note (realizing that I should have gotten over high school a long, long time ago...) that one of the other moms was dressed as a perky cheerleader, in her own costume from her high school days. I chuckled to myself thinking about how beautiful and thin and smily she was and that I was right back in the role that I can't seem to break out of, no matter how hard I try--frumpy and sitting off to the side serving food (I was in charge of the drinks). It's funny how insecurities resurface in situations like that, regardless of how many years have passed. The cheerleader mom was so nice and friendly, which made my unease all the more unsettling.

After school we got our treats ready... we handed out cookies and crackers and other "baked goods" (although I think it was lost on all the kids that came to our door... they were just glad to get a big package of anything).

We had a spooky drink (with a frozen brain) to go with our homemade pizza for dinner.

Liv wanted her bag to say "Sprinkles" over the cupcake. Coleman's bag has the seal of Gryffindor on it.

Sophia was so excited to go trick or treating (although she wasn't too excited about keeping her cherry hat on her head!). She lasted for about a block or so before she was ready to come back home (or before Liv was ready to not hold her or chase her anymore?). She and I hung out and passed out candy while Ryan and the older kids cruised the neighborhood seeking the sweets.

Soph and I had a few treats of our own!

**Did you dress up for Halloween?
**Are you ever unwillingly transported back to high school (or some other insecure time in your life)?
**Favorite Halloween treat?


Linn said...

Good grief, you people are cute! Love the costumes

Cheri said...

Love the costumes and the green pumpkins! I guess you could spray paint them orange...? :)

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

I saw that same cheerleader too. I was a little mad (jealous) that she still fits in her outfit all these years later.

You are the best mom ever! Did your kids tell you that last night?

If not, they should have.

Heidi said...

Hi Lisa! So fun to look at your blog again. I love the new family picture header, and the fun Halloween pics! Happy Autumn!!!

Janene said...

I did dress up, painted face and everything ... we'll see if I get around to blogging about it. :o\

katie m said...

Wow. Amazing work, Harpers! Seriously adorable costumes.

Favorite halloween treat? Pumpkin donuts or pumpkin trifle. But your cake bites are looking really creepy good...:)

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Kristi said...

What DARLING ideas!! You guys all look great. Loved your comments on the cheerleader mom...I can so relate. Wish I knew how to put those things behind me. :)

Amy said...

you guys always have the most creative ideas for halloween costumes. I'm always so impressed. i love your comment about the cheerleader mom "back in hs", isn't it crazy that we still let those things get to us sometimes? maybe it's a good reminder to us so that when are kids are going through it we can have some empathy.