Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Apparently my genius (see previous post) has not been passed on to our children. Yesterday over dinner Ryan and I talked about the New Hampshire primary and the interesting turn of events. Olivia asked who the President was. I asked her if she knew. She had no earthly clue (I am SURE I've talked to her about the President of the United States!). I told the kids I'd give them a hint, so I said, "His first name is George". The rest of the conversation went like this:

Olivia: George Washington?
Me: No, he was the first president.
Coleman: George Lopez? (too much Nick Jr. TV, apparently, where George Lopez is frequently seen in commercials)
Me: Nope.
Olivia: Curious George? (too much PBS TV, apparently, where the curious monkey is up to crazy antics)
Me: Nope.
Olivia: George McGree? (made up? grasping at whatever comes to mind???)
Olivia: George Washington? (must be desperate, trying the same wrong answer again)
Me: It's Bush, George Bush.
Olivia: George Bush-er?
Me: No, just Bush.
Olivia: George Bush-Boy?
Me: No, just Bush.
Coleman: George Bush-man?
Me: No, just Bush. George Bush. He is the President of the United States.

Do you think they'll have any better luck with Obama? Say it with me kiddoes, Oh-bah-ma. Bah-rock Oh-bah-ma. Here's hoping!


gurrbonzo said...

Haha! Your kids will thank you for helping them block out the Bush years. Amen to putting your efforts into teaching them about Obama bc he's our next president.

C+K said...

that is hilarious. BTW, how do you like Sisters Keeper? I read it, but won't yet tell you my op. about it..... i'd love to see what you think..

Sally said...

Oh, this could so happen at our house. In fact, it sounds just like one of our many twisted dinner conversations. I like Huckabee...try him on for size at your next dinner. :)