Sunday, March 16, 2008

A New Kind of Prayer Rock

Coleman has a cute new Primary teacher (shout out to you Debi!) and he came home from church today with this prayer picture of our family. Since it's not readily apparent where we all are in the picture, I asked him to explain it to me.

A. The large person in the center that has a nose and no eyes would be me. At first I thought I was a cyclops mama, but Coleman informed me that it is a nose in the middle of my face, not a big eye, because if I didn't have a nose, I wouldn't be able to smell. Apparently the lack of eyes is not a concern :).
B. This is Ryan--and Coleman says that he is ready to "jump off and go to work".
C. That's Coleman, sitting on my shoulders (doesn't every kid sit on his mom's shoulders during family prayer?).
D. This is Olivia... and according to Coleman "she turned into a rock" to which Olivia promptly replied that she could turn into a rock and showed us by curling into a ball on the ground and putting her blanket over her resembling, well, a rock.
E. Coleman told us that this is a new baby in our family.
F. This is the box the baby came in (according to Coleman), because we can't seem to get one the normal way, so we had to "buy one at the store".

What I wouldn't give to get inside that kid's head and see how things tick.

**Did you ever get a prayer rock?
**Do you know any stores that sell babies? Coleman would really like a baby (brother) so that he has someone to play Lego Star Wars with, all the time. We'd like one too, of course.


Anonymous said...

That was a cute picture. He is a cute kid. He makes me smile. In sharing time, they were telling a story (about repentence) of a little boy who broke the neighbors window, and how the right thing to do would be to earn money to pay for the window. Coleman was a little distraught at this, becuase he kept saying it is the daddy's job to earn money, so how could a kid do that. It was pretty darn cute. :o)

Cheri said...

What a fun age, and a great imagination! I love the picture! Wish I knew a place to buy babies...that sure would make it easier for all of us! Emma always asks if we can "go to the hospital and pick up a baby." Boy, if it were that simple.

I've had more prayer rocks than I could ever count, and they seemed to always last a whole day or two.