Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wii for Rock Star Ryan!!!

So, Ryan is a rock star... he just won a Nintendo Wii from 101.9 The End by correctly naming 12 "crazy" songs that were in a 10 second montage. This was no small feat and couldn't have been done without all the help from co-workers Troy and Michael (shout out to you both!). All three of them won gift certificates to GameCrazy along the way and Ryan was the lucky one to get through today with the all the correct answers... we are so excited!

**Have you ever won anything on the radio?
**Do you have a favorite game for the Wii?
**Did you know that many people are reporting stress-type injuries from using the Wii?
**Do you want to come to our Wii parties?


Nicole said...

How fun!!! I am jealous. I am REALLY horrible when playing both sports and video games, but without the risk of serious injury i think I might actually have some success at the the bowling looks fun, and you don't have to wear communal shoes! :)

As for your questions:

1- I am a bit lucky when is comes to winning things. I have won a few dinner certificates and some Depeche Mode CDs.... I also one a sweepstakes on TV once. :)

2- I have never played on the wii.

3- I had heard about wii elbow... hey, it sounds like exercise so it can't be all bad!!

4- Um, I am not sure I could brave the public humiliation of playing the wii at a party! LOL

Sally said...

Let's see--yes, we won One Republic tickets, and a Game Crazy card. But personally, no. It would embarass me to call in and try. I use Troy in this way. My favorite game is Wii sports bowling. I know there are more interesting games, but I am not addicted to ours, and therefore don't want to be, so I don't want to investigate what cool ones there might be. There is one called wii fit, though, that has yoga on it. But it also weighs you, I think, and this does not sound fun. Or it tells you your BMI. Not sure, but not fun. Troy loves Guitar Hero, but it's not family friendly late at night and some of the songs are not for Grace. I think it's rated Teen. So daddy only at our house. If you got it, though, I'm sure troy would totally come to a wii party! We should have a party, shouldn't we? (As a LB lot). Once a year isn't really enough. You wanna meet at a park this summer for lunch and let the kids play?

Cheri said...

Holy cow! That's one serious radio-prize! We're in Utah now so yeah we'd like to use it! :) Actually, Joe and Kathy have one but I'm clueless about how to use it.

And yes, you can steal "my" YC idea anytime. It worked out well but I definitely can't take much credit.

Janene said...

winning stuff is the best! I'm currently trying to win a 4-wheeler for my dad so he can snowplow his big driveway. Wish me Ryan's luck!

The Hale Family said...

We've never won anything on the radio, or anywhere else. I guess we are unlucky! As for Wii related injuries, I have had sore muscles from boxing (just show's how out of shape I am I guess). It was worth it though, becuase it is so much fun. We would love to come to a Wii party! Enjoy.. it is so much fuN!