Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh So Sweet

We had a shower for my cousin Nate's wife Missy and her sweet baby girl. My new favorite thing for showers is doing a candy bar (see the boy's version here), and this one was especially fun since it was just after Valentine's Day. There were lots of fun pink, brown, and white candies and a plethora of Dove chocolates.
Just a few days later, I got to tour a heavenly place with Coleman's preschool class.
We went on a field trip to Sweet's Candy Factory in Salt Lake. We all had to wear highly fashionable hairnets during the tour, and Coleman's was slanted off to one side, so it looked like a beret. He's pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself. Not too sure who the glassy eyed little girl is to the right... but she may have ingested one too many salt water taffies. We got to sample a jelly bean before they put the hard candy shell on it (surprisingly yummy!) and we saw how they make molded candies like cinnamon bears. Did you know that they fill a pan with cornstarch and level it off, then dip a hard mold into the corn starch to make the form of the bear/santa/lips (or whatever shape they want to make), then they pour the liquid gelatin candy into the cornstarch--once it is set, they tumble the candies and vacuum off all the cornstarch. Who knew??? I was flabbergasted and will now eat cinnamon bears and other molded candies with newfound awe and understanding. They gave each of the kids (and parent helpers :)) a bag of taffy for going on their tour. Yum! **What is your favorite field trip memory?
**Have you toured a candy factory before?
**What's your favorite kind of candy?


Terri said...

I love the photos! The one of Coleman and his mommy close up is absolutely beautiful. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can't think of a favorite field trip. That's SAD! lol I've been to see some great things though. A glass-blowing factory was pretty memorable!

Cheri said...

I haven't gone on a field trip since I went to Disneyland in high school. But, the Jelly Belly factory is here and I've heard they have an awesome tour, as well as tasting all the belly-flops (the less than perfect beans). I definitely need to do that one.

Nick and Miriam said...

I'm OBSESSED with cinnamon bears and have often laid awake at night wondering about the production process...maybe not at night, but I have wondered. I recemtly googled how to make m&m's and the confection aisle is much more ingenius than before. I really need to get my act together so our cute kiddos to play together!!

Ashley & Matt Cole said...

So fun! I think I am going to take a tour myself next time I am in town. It's like being in, "The Secrect Life Of," on the Food Network. I love that stuff.

lArZ said...

The Peppermint Place, before it moved, gave tours and we got to see how they made taffy, suckers, jelly beans, and all sorts of yummy candy, it was very fun! too bad they don't do it anymore! :(

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of Veronica's Kindergarten field trip to the candy factory in Alpine. I can't remember the name of it, but they were making candy canes that day, and she was so very excited to see them mixing in the colors. (They grow up too fast :(

Coleman is just so cute. He is in my primary class now, and he just cracks me up. He drew a picture of his family, and it was so cute.