Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brotherly Love

My brother Matt complained to me the other day that I don't share the blog love with my brothers nearly as much as I do with my sisters, so I promised him a whole post, dedicated just to them. I'm on the older end of the family (2nd of the 8, 3rd of the 12) and they are on the younger end (6th and 8th of the 8, 9th and 12th of the 12--I think?) so there were many years that we didn't have a whole lot in common. Now that we are all adults (and even act like adults much of the time) they are great friends and people I respect and admire a lot. And I like talking on the phone with them too.

Me with Matt and his cute baby Samuel. Samuel has the cutest grin and always seems happy. I wish they didn't live in Connecticut, but they love it there and are doing very well for themselves, so I'll have to settle for a few visits a year.

He graduated from Fordham University in New York and now is the President of Blue Streak, a sports training facility with three locations in the greater New York area. Read his bio, it's pretty impressive. He has always said that with his looks and my brains we could do anything. Unfortunately, my brains are turning to mush, so I'm not sure how far we'd get at this point, but he's well on his way to great things.

There was a time that Matt wasn't on the right path (in my wise judgment). After I got home from my mission I took him to lunch at Italian Village (best pizza benders ever) and had a charla franca (frank discussion) with him and told him to get his butt in gear and do what he needed to do to clean up and get ready for a mission. He did it. I am sure I can't take credit for all his successes, but I'd like to take some :).

And there was the time that I was on my way to Paris three years ago and I was going to stay at his house for one night and he didn't answer any of his phones or his door so I was stuck on the street in Manhattan in the middle of the night with all of my luggage and a wad of cash (all in Euros) and finally his 'neighbors' offered to take care of me. But that was an honest mistake... and when he realized at 4 in the morning that I wasn't there, he did everything he could to rescue me, even though I had already made myself at home in Ryan's company's New York office meditation room for the night after Ryan's sweet co-worker footed the bill for a cab for me. I keep telling him he's forgiven, but then again I also keep reminding him and everyone else about it, so it's obviously not forgotten yet. You have to admit, it's a great story, and it's a great opener to the adventure that I had getting to and from Paris. That's another post for another day.

Maybe Matt will regret complaining about my lack of blogging about them...

I can't forget that Matt also plays a mean game of "Pit". He gets very territorial and tries to get in on some inside trading and then gets physical just so that he can win. And when I win (because I always win, except when I don't) he doesn't take it too well. He's still fun to play with.

Really though, Matt's a great guy and has always put his heart into the things that are important to him--football, wrestling, rugby, the gospel (he was a great missionary in Australia), his work, and especially now with his cute wife Ashley and their baby Samuel. I am really proud of Matt--and admittedly a little jealous of some of the great opportunities he's had... but he's made the most of them and I know he'll continue to do well in life. I love Matt!

Here's a picture of David and me--he's the baby of the family but he isn't a baby anymore. He also was a star in football and rugby and he has always done what's right. I don't think there is a mean bone in his body, nor any disposition to do evil. My mom always says he was the blessing that got her through the very hard years because he was so sweet to her (and everyone else).

He served his mission in Argentina and although my Spanish isn't great anymore, we still like to hablar espanol. He got married last February to a girl who is beautiful inside and out (Katty, who is Chilena, yay!). He met her when he was selling fiber optic phone systems door to door and started talking to her father--they ended up buying from David, but their phones never did work. They love him anyway.

Last year he began his career as a movie star in "Forever Strong" which is opening 9/26/08 (go see it!). He now attends college and works hard selling food storage--he's great at it because he's honest and charismatic and really believes in the product. He's the favorite uncle and is always good for a piggy back ride or a game of "Hide and Go Boo".

David and Katty live close by so we get to see them pretty often, which is great. I love David!

I'm so glad to have great brothers. They are good examples to Olivia and Coleman and they are an important part of our family, even if they don't get the blog love as much as the sisters do. I love you Matt and Dave!


Kristi said...

What a sweet post about your brothers. Aren't brothers the greatest (most of the time)? It is fun to see pictures of your family. I think they are very lucky guys to have a great sister like you.

Kristy said...

I love all FIVE of my brothers even when they torture me! Cute post.

julie said...

It's always fun to learn new things about someone! Like letting your sister hang out on the streets of manhattan in the freezing cold, all night. :)

No, really. Matt is probably one of the nicest guys out here. And a great husband and daddy to boot! You should be proud of him. He's a good rep for your family!