Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Notes of Love

Olivia is so good at writing notes--a few months ago she made this cute note on a straw for me when I wasn't feeling good and brought it on a tray with some food.
Coleman was sick last weekend and Liv was a very good care-taker. When he said he was feeling better she got a panic-stricken look on her face and said "Oh no! He can't be better yet... I haven't finished my get-well note for him yet!" I thought her note was very sweet, and her actions even sweeter.
The note for today cracked me up though... "Dear mom, Thank you for being a great mom And pleas stop dad's snoring. Love Olivia". I glanced at it right before family prayers this morning and I couldn't stop laughing.

**Do you get cute notes from little ones?


lArZ said...

LOL- that last note was pretty funny! I love to hear what kids say-they always have something funny up their sleeves!

Allyson said...

What cute little notes! I love to get them. I have one that Amelia wrote for me a long time ago (she's Nathan's oldest) and it says, "Al, I like you. I love you. Amelia" It makes me laugh, they're just so cute!
Oh, and I didn't know this is your Mom's last year in the choir!