Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summertime Fun and Politics

Our cute friends Amanda, Madison, and Brandon are visiting from California. We have LOVED having them here! The other day we invited some other friends (Emily, Sarah, Megan, JD, and Addie) to play in the water...

Sarah, JD, Madison, and Olivia (This picture reminded me of Charlie's Angels)

Amanda and Emily

Megan and Addie

Coleman and Brandon

Madi and Olivia

Tonight Amanda, Madi, and Brandon are "sleeping" over. I put it in quotes because there isn't a whole lot of sleeping going on, even after they've all been in bed for an hour and a half. We don't usually do sleepovers, but we made an exception since their best buds are here from out of town. Fun stuff! Tonight our family scripture study (D&C 98:4-10) was about choosing good and wise people to be our leaders, and I asked the kids what they would do if they were the president. Their responses were kind of funny:

Amanda (10): Take out smoking.

Madison (7): Make everything free.

Coleman (4): Go to Disneyland everyday of the world.

Brandon (5): Make everyone free.

Olivia (7): Make coffee and alcohol illegal.

Our country would be in good hands, no? Looks like we might need to keep this dialogue going!

**What would you do if YOU were president?


the harpers said...

Cute pics! Pool parties are the best. The kids are excited to come and play on Saturday.

As far as President...don't kids have the best answers. They are more aware than we give them credit. We could all use a little Disneyland!

As you know...I (we) have different views than the majority do in our state. I am very proud to say that I was raised democrat, am democrat and voted democrat. I am all for the greater good of all man, but I'm also for the health of our Nation. We have so much poverty here, we need to invest here at home. We need equal and quality healthcare, insurance and employment. We need stability in the economy and need to stop depending on foreign goods. We need to invest in education and implement practical methods of overseeing the school system (no child left behind...WHAT!!!) And a hot topic for many...we need a solution for Iraq, that doesn't include staying forever!

Tim Harper said...

This is too cute :) It sounds like these kids have a lot better ideas than our current candidates!

What would I do if I were president? Well, to preserve the humorous and cheerful nature of the article I'll save my response for another day! Love to see the posts though :)


Terri said...

I loved the pics! What a COOL POOL! And much to my daughter-in-law's dismay, I'm sure,(*wink, wink*) I was raised Republican, was a TAR (teen-age Republican) and was in a definite minority in my high school in California. I've been Republican longer than I've been LDS! lol One thing I've learned over the years though is everyone has different experiences who make them who they are. It's the great thing about living in a free country where we can appreciate our differences but always want the best for our country. I think if I were president, I would try to minimize taxes as best that could be done and get rid of so much government spending. I'd say let local government have more involvement in the good of their citizen's lives because the national government only messes things up worse when they try to take care of everything and everybody. I'd also try to find a way to protect religious expression so that it wasn't illegal to have a prayer in school functions or a Nativity scene (or 10 commandments on stone... in Tooele... had to be moved off city hall's lawn).

LAURA & ELIZA said...

LISA! How fun you are! I was not as creative as you were with the kids. Surprisingly enough, the kids are really sad to go home, so we must have done something right, right? Me being president? Well, I don't think I know. I'm not all into politics and at the risk of my Republican father disowning me, I think that I better not become president. I do like Madison's idea about making everything free. That would make MY life so much easier. HEHE! Good post!

Anonymous said...

Kids always have the right solution. If I were president? I'd go crazy!