Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farewell to the widow...

The widow remained nameless and in captivity
Long enough for Ryan to act out his photo proclivity

A web she did spin, in her jar she did dwell
Her death sentence was sure, she'd go swiftly to ....

Alcohol was the weapon of choice
Finally, a calm did come to my voice

Her fight was gone, she lost all her vigor
Who knew that spiders got rigor?

Her legs were curled underneath her so tight
But she was dead through and through, so it was all right

The photos by Ryan were so clear
I couldn't resist an update on our dear

Our dear, dear spider that now is so dead
Her black body and hourglass that was very red

Goodbye to the widow who forced me to be brave
She rests now safely in her garbage can grave.


Janene said...

This poem left me smiling. Well done! (and way to be brave)

Shirlene said...

I have a new type of admiration for you, Lisa. I run off histarical when I see a black widow. I'm impressed you could keep your composure and be brave enough to catch this black widow. I came in contact so many times with black widows when I lived by you. It makes the hairs on my arms stand up. That's fun for your kids you caught it.
p.s. Put "Paradise" on your calendar. We're going! You name day and time.........lets do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ryan those pictures are too realistic. They gave me chills. I hate hate hate hate spiders. I know you aren't supposed to hate things, but I can say I really do hate spiders... I liked your poem though. :o)

Veronica was so sad she couldn't babysit for you guys tomorrow. Please remember her next time you need a sitter. She just loves your kids.

Cheri said...

ok the verdict is out, Ryan is the best photographer. Those are way too realistic! At least if there is a spider near me I can run away! Every time I scolled down there it was again. Impressive that you stayed around Lisa and then blogged them too and... wrote a poem:)!!

Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

When and where were you in Florida? Let us know if you come back.

Love the spider shots, we used to always find them in Cedar. Bryan kept one for awhile, it was amazing to see how much they can eat...actually the size of the things they can eat.