Saturday, October 25, 2008

Talent Show

Usually when I think of talents things like musical abilities, art, cooking, playing sports, or crafting top the list. Anything that could be displayed on a table or performed in a talent show is easily recognized as such. I realize however that there are so many more talents that each of us possess, but we may have a hard time distinguishing them and an even harder time naming them. Maybe you are exceptionally good at making people feel welcome or maybe you have a knack for listening and really hearing what people are saying. Maybe your talent is being able to listen to the Spirit and follow promptings. Maybe you are very good at organizing or finding bargains or picking out the perfect gift. Maybe you have a skill for decorating and making your home feel welcoming to all who come. Maybe you are good at following through and you always do what you say you will do. Maybe you are able to say things that lift others and help them feel and be better. Maybe you have the talent of empathizing with others. Maybe you are a good teacher or maybe you are good at learning or contributing to a good discussion. Maybe you have an excellent memory or can remember names and faces, even with limited exposure. Maybe you are funny or clever or witty. Maybe you make friends easily and maybe you have a talent for maintaining friendships. Maybe you can diffuse tense situations or maybe you can avoid them all together. Obviously there are endless possibilities as to what our talents can be, and they are not limited to what can be displayed or performed.

Whatever our individual talents are--and I believe we all have them--we have a responsibility to recognize them so that we can use them to bless others. In addition, we have a duty to improve them (see the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30) and add to them rather than hide them away.

Children are often able to identify their talents more easily--perhaps because they haven't learned to be embarrassed about them or don't worry about seeming prideful. In Primary last Sunday Coleman had a chance to list his. It was funny to see what he considered himself good at. The last one especially made me laugh, since we dressed up as Egyptians for Halloween last year, but to my knowledge he has no other experience being an Egyptian.

**So, dear readers, think hard, don't be shy... and tell me what YOUR talents are.


♥Shally said...

Okay, I laughed outloud at the "being and Egyptian" one!

Kids are hilarious.

Tim Harper said...

I can't vouch for the "video games" one quite yet, as I haven't seen him in action. However, I do agree that Coleman is very talented at being an egyptian :)

My weaknesses definitely out-weigh my talents, but the few talents I could claim for myself would be:

1) figuring things out - problem solving
2) music (seems to come and go depending on how much time I spend on it)
3) teaching

Talents I'd like to develop are:

1) debating
2) better leadership / persuasion skills
3) gardening

thanks for the invitation to reflect!

Anonymous said...

Okay, first I just have to say that Coleman's talents are awesome! I wish I was good at being an Egyptian. Coleman is so awesome! I miss being his primary teacher. He always makes me smile.

As far as my talents...

1. Piano (don't tell anyone though, because I'm terrible and haven't practiced much in the last few years).
2. Being organized. Sometimes this is a negative, but I love things organized and clean!
3. i hope this doesn't sound prideful, but I'm a really good 911 police/medical/fire dispatcher. I love helping people, and over the years, I think I have a real talent for my job.
4. multi-tasking.

I'm sure I have more, but I won't bore you.. Great post!

Heidi said...

Let's talk about my myriad of talents over brunch in Walnut Creek! Are we still on?

Kate said...

Kids totally get it is the thing- the problem with us adults is we over analzye EVERYTHING and MAKE THINGS SO HARD!! I think, espeically in our culture it's easy to fall into the trap of, Well, if I'm not an expert at this, then that must mean I'm not talented.. which is TOTALLY untrue. We can have talents, big or small, in any area. Very thought provoking post, Lisa. You are insightful! (see?? another talent of yours!)... I can make some great breastmilk..
(sorry that's what i"m doing right now)

darrellandamy said...

Thanks for this's a good reminder for me to think about different types of talents.