Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Space Monkey Prayer

Last night just after Ryan began saying the closing prayer at the end of Family Home Evening we heard this:

- -

Ryan's iPhone has a mind of it's own... and decided to play that little intro bit from a game he just downloaded called "Space Monkey." I really, really tried to hold it together, but the giggles got the best of me. At least Ryan didn't succumb and was able to finish the prayer with some semblance of reverence.

In case you wonder what Space Monkey is like, here's a little preview:

So funny.

**Do you ever have sound effects or background music when you pray?


lArZ said...

Lol! I got a good laugh! I was trying to imagine us in middle of prayer and hearing that and trying to be serious... I would bust out laughing too! =)

Janene said...

I love it! Our background sound effects are Ben's feet running down the hardwood floor hall. :o)